Step 6. Take ACTION

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Step 1 Know What You Want
Step 2 Imagine With Emotion
Step 3 Feel Gratitude
Step 4 Think Deliberately
Step 5 Beware the Power and Poison of Words

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17 Replies to “Step 6. Take ACTION”

  1. hi, Lori, I have trouble w/ this, ‘take action part’, my goal/desire is different, not sure, really the right action to take, I have tried, I feel, I don’t take enough action. I must do something, in order for this to come to light, this I want more than anything, and it means the world to me, I wish, I could have a handle on this section of it. Thank you for presenting this.

    1. Hi Beth, I replied about your other response, but wanted to say thanks for going through the whole Method and really working on getting it all. There is a point where we must “Let go” and allow Life to circulate our desires back to us, once we know what we want, imagine it, thank for it, think on it, speak only expansion and take actions. Sometimes letting go is like giving up, but it creates a vacuum for more. Sometimes letting go is also working on releasing beliefs (or dis-beliefs) about what is possible. You are doing great. Keep going on The Method. Ask for more clarification too. Happy to continue the conversation. Blessings, Lori

  2. Dear Lori,

    I watched all your videos and take down important notes from it. I am going to start following your steps to create my best future.
    Before i start , i Just need an advice on how to create a dream job with big salary, which gives good employee benefits, company trip and working hours and location of the company ( as i want it ). How to fit, all this requirement into creating my dream job. what kind of power words , will be good to use , to create this job ?

    Kindly reply me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, for your kind help and guidance to people all over the world.

    1. Hi Priyankashabina, thanks for asking for clarification about your dream job. The reality of manifesting fast is inside/outside linear time, and that dimension communicates in feeling. So, right NOW, feel what it would be like to have the perfect dream job. Use the details of the big salary, good benefits, travel, reasonable and fair working hours and location to “try on” the feeling of this wonderful dream job. Also, it sounds like something is missing: have you thought about your dream job as an expression of your soul/spirit/purpose? Purpose is general and can apply to many of the worldly dream jobs, but think about this too. Feeling is the ‘flavour’ of your life, expressed in this job.
      Abundant blessings,

  3. Dear Lori,
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You & God Bless you.
    I wish upon you, Wealth, health, happiness, abundance & prosperity.
    You made a tremendous difference in my life

  4. Lori,

    I am so very grateful for what you’re doing with this free video series. When I first started studying the LOA, I didn’t understand or appreciate the importance of a mentor. Now that I currently cannot afford a mentor, beautiful, capable, and loving people like you are creating extremely informative FREE videos to fill in the missing pieces. I KNOW this is going to work for me soon.

    I’ve intuitively known there are different types of action to take, thanks for finally categorizing and explaining them more clearly. I so look forward to receiving your book.

    Peace and Abundance

    1. Thanks so much Monique. It is wonderful to know you are getting clarity on some of the Universal Laws. I encourage everyone to ‘stay in the conversation’ until they are clear on how easy it is to manifest, and can create consistently. It is important for me to meet people wherever they are at. I’ve been there too. I received my breakthrough information from a borrowed book called The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder and I am very thankful for it. When we understand the Circulation principle, we know we are always getting paid for our work. Sometimes it is a trade from the person receiving it, and sometimes it is from some unexpected source. Either way, it all comes from Intelligent Source Energy and I am loved and provided for, as you are…when we ASK. Abundance to you, Lori

  5. Thanks ♥
    What can I do with things that do not work, I want it to work. It is necessary that it works …. I’m trying, trying and trying. I truly believe that I can do this. The test shows that I have not passed! This is about simple mathematics that go buzz in my head!! Grateful for feedback ♥

  6. Hi Lori,
    The video isn’t coming through. Our internet connection is on very slow speed for the next day or so, Perhaps this has something to do with it?
    Earlier this morning I tried to review previous videos and I had the same problem, no video. I’ll try to manifest lesson 7
    I love your work, Thank you sooo much

    1. I had the same video problem you have to click on the attachments link above the video link first then it will work. Cheers.

  7. Thanks for your comments Jim. The assumptive actions are totally moving in faith (not hope) so they feel good when you step out into ‘acting as if’. When the possible assumptive actions feel too risky, then you can at least write the actions on a to-do list. That works powerfully too. But when you are in alignment to receiving, the assumptive actions feel right, make sense and are easy to do.

  8. The concept of assumptive action is very provacative! Acting as if you already had the manifestation is difficult for me and I assume it’s difficult for other people. I compare asumptive action to “being” instead of just “doing”. By thinking “assumptively” we are forced to look at the consequences (both desired and undesired) of our actions. If we start taking assumptive action, we might actually do better at orderly and intuitive actions.

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