Step 5. Beware the Power and Poison of WORDS

“Hello again. My name is Lori Mitchell and you’re back again and this time with Step 5 of SPEED Manifesting. Step 5 is the Power and Poison of Words. Now this step is transformational for a lot of people because it’s something that you can take and use in your everyday life and use in a different way. So you’ve been using the power and poison of words automatically. It’s just one of those principles of life that help you to create. But perhaps what you didn’t know before was the exponential power and poison of your words to create your future. So when you start to become aware of this principle and then start to apply it in your life you get fast results, because mostly, most of us realize that we’ve been using these words against ourselves, against our dreams, against our future, when we can turn it around and take those habitual, verbal words, verbal habits that we’ve been using and start to use them for us.

You see, we are creators, we are not reporters. And yet the way that we ARE in life, the way that we are about our words is that we are reporters. So someone asks you “how are you today?” and if you give them a litany of all the woes in your life (and this is a very familiar story for me and where it wasn’t working for me); they ask you how you are and you actually tell them the truth about the past, how you were. You see, you have to understand that the words you speak now are creating for the future; you are a creator, not a reporter.

So when you – that’s the truth of life – and when you report on the things that were (what you call your current reality – was your past), you know, a moment ago – 5 minutes ago – when you report on that, what you’re actually doing is using the truth of the Universal principles, which is that you are a creator, and you’re re-creating it.

So, you need to zip the bad stuff. You need to just zip it. And I am just giving you this hard evidence for you to say “hey, turn it around and stop it!” Just stop complaining about everything that’s not right in your life and start telling a different story so that you can create a different story. This is really, really important today, this step. Over the last couple of days you’ve been playing a manifesting game; you’ve probably noticed some interesting things showing up out of your awareness and then your focus on creating something. Like anything…creating a butterfly; whatever you wrote down to create.

For me they started showing up all over the place; butterflies, just because I said that to you. And of course I just laughed, because of course; that’s what I asked for. And so, whatever you were creating in your thinking, can you imagine the power when you take your thinking and turn it into the harmonics of voice; into the harmonics of words; into an intentional speaking about your thoughts.

So the way the process works is your thoughts create your words and then your words create actions; and that creates life; thoughts, words, actions, all gaining momentum; all gaining power in your life to be able to create in your life. Think of the great speakers that created so much just out of their speaking; Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi. It doesn’t have to be loud. But there is a power within that in our speaking, we create change. Not just in our lives, but it reverberates out into the lives of those around us and to the lives that we touch. And the way that we usually know this whole principle, is because we know we’ve said something bad, and then it’s happened.

So start listening to yourself first of all. Start noticing where you have this self-fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom and just stop it! Put some new words in there. This takes a little bit of effort to change a habit, and so spend the time, spend the effort to do this. And what you’ll find is that you’ll start to get more control over your creating because your words will come from the conscious part of you, rather than that subconscious part of you that I talked about yesterday.

You know, take that little voice, put it on your shoulder but don’t let it dribble out of your mouth. Let those thoughts sit, while you speak forth what it is that your intentions are about your life.

Somebody says “how are you?” You say “I’m great”, You can even say, if things are miserable, you can even say “I am getting there”. “Things are beginning to change.” “I always find a parking space.” “I always get the green lights.” Whatever it is, start practising the little muscles so you can build up the big muscles. This is so, so important. Speak only good. When you hear a complaint, don’t repeat it. That’s gossip. Gossip is an undermining conversation about others. So if you hear it you can just ask them to talk to somebody who can make a difference about that complaint. Or you could say that’s interesting and you could excuse yourself. You don’t have to engage in this whole conversation that then creates for you. Alright? So, enjoy the movies, enjoy the entertainment, enjoy life and all of its contrast, but for yourself in your speaking and your creating, begin to speak in ways that are powerful for you in what you do want in your life. And that’s what I invite you to do today.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed doing some of this manifesting game, and today, and tomorrow what I want you to do over the next 2 days is to start listening to the sound of your own voice and the words that you use. And listen to whether you’re using power or you’re using poison and switch it around. Start to create. Start to get a focus on your own words. And then think about how you can use them more powerfully rather than automatically. And that’s the choice you have today. It’s to move into automatic words, into conscious words. Which is a 2nd degree power of creating from thoughts, words and then finally actions. Alright? So that’s today and for tomorrow, Step 6, we’ll be talking about Taking ACTION.”

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12 Replies to “Step 5. Beware the Power and Poison of WORDS”

  1. Hi Lori, I am so grateful that I found your site. Your videos are so enriching and it had definitely leave such a positive impression on me that I start to take action immediately. Well, it definitely has almost instantaneously make me feel so full of energy and vibes. You make it so simple in easy to understand. Looking forward to the next video…. Step 6.

    1. Thank your Zie! I appreciate your lovely comment. So glad you are enjoying the videos. Here if you have questions. Blessings, Lori

  2. Hi Lori, Powerful stuff! I am seeing so many positive changes since beginning the 7Steps. I really want to thank you for putting this in words that are easy to understand and get.

  3. Hi Lori, I’ve been trying to go back and review the lessons and I realise it must be just a once of. Some days I can’t get on the website because the internet isn’t always available to me. I’ll try and figure something out.
    Love & Light Valtrude

    1. Hi Valtrude, yes these videos are all online so you’ll need to have internet access to watch them. At the end of the series there is a full list to review any you’d like. It is good to review them from time to time. Be well.

  4. Hi Lori,

    You are Awesome!

    Your clarity, your wisdom, and you peacefulness has been a great blessing to me.

    I enjoy and look forward to these late night videos that I practice before I go to sleep.

    “Thank You!”

  5. Hi, Lori

    It’s amazing that you have broken down the Law of Attraction into simplicity

    and have made it more effective than others who have tried to explain it.

    Thank you again, Lori.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this thing has come to me :

    your videos and mini-lectures.

    They are carrying more of an impact on my life right now .


    Celeste Caro

    1. Thank you Celeste. I am glad the videos have been of some use. Sometimes all we need is the final keystone and then all reality shifts. I wish you abundant blessings. ~Lori

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