Step 2. Imagine With Emotion

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“Hello and welcome. It’s Lori again and we’re on to Step 2 now.Today, we’re talking about Imagine with Emotion. And it’s a very special kind of imagination in that, you get your feelings in a place of already having received. Now isn’t that a satisfying place to be? That’s what we want you to do to make sure that you’re feeling good about everything that you do. But more importantly, that you spend some time creating some sort of a vision board for yourself. So here I am at my new home and I am enjoying nature outside of my backyard. What I did… this was what I call my year of change, 2005. And this is my 2005 diary. I created at the back of my diary, a vision board. And I put it there with pictures of the place that I was about to move to. And it has pictures of Lorikeets, which are rainbow parrots. They actually sit just out here in the mornings. And I looked at this vision board each time and I imagined how great it would be when I was going to live this life. But I put myself in the picture.

It’s a brilliant way of creating a vision board that you take with you. But it’s not really the exact scenes of your life, but rather the feeling. This vision board is so that you can open it up wherever you are, carry it with you and go, “ah, yes, that’s what I want”. So that’s the purpose of creating a vision board inside of your diary. I have one each year, and this year my diary, still, and I’ve got a new vision board in there, and it’s a feeling vision board. It’s wonderful. So the idea of Imagine with Emotion is that you are putting yourself in the picture and you’re really enjoying that visual. You may have a more auditory learning style, which is important for you to understand how you learn things and put them into the visualization process, because you may need to hear music; you may need to create a vision board that is like a Mind Movie. That’s a good product to use. There are also things like Movie Maker, or if you’re using a Macintosh there are other programs that will help you put together a slideshow with music, and music is what’s really engaging. So, get that started! That’s a really important ‘how to’ is to take the time to put together a vision board. It’s not too hard. It’s too important not to. So I really encourage you to make sure you are putting together your own vision board and that it’s something that really makes you feel great. This is all about speeding up that next step.

Now tomorrow what we’ll be talking about is the turning point for me. In one hour with this next step, I turned my life around, and it was never the same after that. The next step, Step 3 to SPEED Manifesting is Feel Gratitude.”2VideoCourse

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12 Replies to “Step 2. Imagine With Emotion”

    1. Thanks Leah. Watching a mindmovie or youtube video helps within a week. You are welcome to watch this one on my youtube channel:
      It’s great to start each morning watching something like this for 10 days, until you begin to see relief, or even a little evidence of abundance showing up. THEN switch into gratitudes for every little thing – that is the door to more. Blessings, Lori

  1. Hi Lori, thanks for the videos and for the 7 day speed manifestation course. I have been studying the law of attraction for some time now searching for an explanation that I can make sense of and that will trigger the required changes in me. I feel that your practical steps may just do that for me. I do have some sticking points that I am have trouble overcoming and that is when to release/let go. I am able to do the visualising, it is just knowing when to stop and let go that I have not quite worked out yet. I have manifested some positive changes in my life already and feel so much more connected and centred. I used to be a very negative person and now I see and focus more on what I want and on the positive side of things. I even got rid of the TV so I no longer watch the depressing news.

    With regards to manifesting like you I long to live in a hot country have spent the majority of my life in South Africa and now living in the UK would like to live in Perth. I have been trying to get into Australia for the best part of 20 years and a couple of years ago I had the points to get in but not the money. I have been visualising living on the coast and in my dream house for about a year now. I guess I should now drop it and forget about it, as the universe is probably tired of me asking. What I would also like to know, is should I be so specific, West coast of Australia, Perth, or should I rather just focus on hot country beach lifestyle so as not to exclude other possibilities, which may include living in Spain for example?

  2. thanks for the information. the funny thing is a lot of things you covered i know already but in the past used them and for some reason or other forgot to continue or stopped using them and of course everything i accomplished stopped moving forward.

    this time i won’t let that happen again.

  3. Dear Lori,

    First of all thank you very much for sending the videos. I was utterly amazed, when discovering your teaching videos on youtube. I honestly do not know, how I came across them. I have watched all 7, plus the bonus video. What I discovered was, that your teachings are basicially the biblical principles Jeus teaches. I have applied them for quite some time, in fact, about three years. I was standing on, and believing the words Jesus said in Mark 11:23-24. However, there was one vital ingredient missing, and I was struggling with this point for quite some time. Whatsoever you pray for believe that you have received them, and you shall have them. Your videos unlocked that vital part all over sudden in me. The same goes for the gratitude, appreciation in part three. I could see now, how God had blessed me continually over the years, but I did not really see, what I already had. Now I am in the position, wher I have great, great expectenciés and unspekable joy in me about the things coming towards me. Once again, BIG THANKS !

    Yours Frank (Germany)

    1. Thank you Frank. Your comments mean a lot to me. Gratitude, appreciation and thanking in advance are simple Truths that allow us to be in our joy, and delegate the details to a power much greater than us alone. Jesus’ words are guiding words, from a gentle teacher and blessed Truth speaker. When we have the ears to hear…

  4. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for the brilliant vid. It is true that even action is linked to emotion. in country were community protests are regular occurrence, I have observed that emotion is a common factor.

    people are driven to take to the streets if they feel strongly about about an issue.

    so I guess, it is a question of how strongly one feels they can make it.

  5. Thanks again for another great video, Lori. Emotion is probably the most important aspect of manifesting, with gratitude right behind it if not right next to it. For me to imagine having what I want, there is such a range of emotions from joyful tears of gratitude and relief all the way to bouncing up and down in sheer excitement. Sometimes when I go to imagine being in that place I wonder, exactly how would I feel? So I just put myself there and in that moment, whatever emotion comes to me that I think is how I would feel, and I feel that. Therefore, sometimes I laugh and bounce for joy and sometimes, I just cry in relief and gratefulness.

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