Step 4. Think Deliberately

To review previous steps click here: Step 1 Know What You Want Step 2 Imagine With Emotion Step 3 Feel Gratitude “Hello and welcome it’s Lori again and today we are onto Step 4 which is deliberate thinking. So I want you to Think Deliberately, but I want you to understand the thinking process. And that is, we think that in order to make a change in our life what we do is we decide on an intention, like a goal, we write it down and then we take actions and we get our results. And if our results aren’t working then what we do is we go back and try some different actions; and then we get some results; and then we write some new actions and then we get some results. Well, that’s an endless loop that in the 1980’s was the success formula. The reason it doesn’t work is because it’s missing two really important components; the first two are: that all of your manifesting, all of your creating starts with your thinking. So you go: thinking, and then your thinking produces emotions which then produces actions which then produces results. Get back to your thinking; learn how to think deliberately; learn how to think the way that human beings are designed to think, which is in 2 parts; the first part is conscious thinking and the second part is subconscious thinking. But the trick and the secret to your thinking is to understand that your subconscious thinking drives your body (therefore your actions, and your results). So start to focus on what is it your subconscious is saying. You’re probably wondering why I have a little person here. Well, this little person is my voice, it’s that voice that natters and chatters at me. It’s my subconscious voice. Now you may have thought that that voice was you up until now. It’s not. It’s the voice of the past and it’s a recording. And you can set it on your shoulder and say “thank’s, I’m going in a new direction now. You just go to sleep.” And you can actually start to create a new kind of thinking. And the way to do that is by using techniques to get to your subconscious. It could be subliminal movies, it could be subliminal audios, it could be NLP, it could be EFT tapping, it could be the Release Technique. It could be lots of different things like hypnotherapy. So whatever works for you, find the way to really master your thinking in both your subconscious and your conscious. And then you will have mastered your emotions, your actions and your results. 4Tomorrow we’ll be talking about Step 5, and Step 5 is what most people don’t realize: the Power and Poison of Words.”


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8 Replies to “Step 4. Think Deliberately”

  1. Lori, here you present a lot of alternatives for guiding our subconscious!
    I already have a lot of experience with using EFT, and I am making progress! But I am interested in any other techniques! What have you found to be personally helpful for you?
    I use subliminal audio, but, other than just relaxing me, I can’t say I’ve noticed too great a difference, or maybe it was just the wrong audio.

    1. Hi Cristian, EFT is great WHEN you get to the true negative feelings and release, then replace with a better thought or feeling. I use EFT sometimes, I also find Ho’Oponopono very powerful(Thank you, I am sorry, forgive me, I love you). Try this as a mantra for yourself or any situation and see what shows up. I am just about to release a new Speed Shifting technique to instantly remove beliefs. I will follow up with you in early 2014 when the Beliefs book is out. The next book is focused on how limiting beliefs come from worldview beliefs and they slow down or stall your manifesting, until you are mentally free from your programmed thinking. But in the meantime, use the Ho’Oponono mantra. I have had miracles all over the place with it – medical, relationship, calmness in moments of fear, resetting my negative thinking when I wake up with yukky thoughts. It is simple but powerful.

  2. Hi Lori, I use the little figure you gave me at the Woman’s Day all the time. I see so clearly now that subconsciously that voice was the past in a constant loop. I intentionally give it a flick and say ‘no’ that was then – this is now. Thank you once again.

  3. Lori, Thank you.
    At last a way to quiet my inner chatter that works! Simple, effective and said with such gentle compassion. I use it a lot. 🙂

    1. Yes Dorothy, that subconscious is the pivot point for getting things happening. She is the gatekeeper, ever vigil. Once she has her instructions, she is relentless. The freedom gained when we learn to reason with her is priceless. When she gets new orders, she listens and life begins to flow easier. Resistance is dropped, procrastination disappears and the body follows easily. The key is knowing how human beings are designed and then working within that design to create what we desire. We talk to our subconscious when we want the body to change directions. Simple. The work is inner conversation with the subconscious. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate this very much!

  4. Hi Lori, many thanks for your insights and the online help. I think this is a wonderful tool for anyone, it’s simple to understand and is presented in a user friendly fashion. The jerkiness of the camera is just a little distracting, but I love the background, want to be there! love Lucinda

    1. Hi Lucinda, thanks for your comments and I am glad you are enjoying the series. Step 4 was one of those perfect tests of commitment for me, and as the sun was almost setting I knew I had to do that day’s lesson, with no excuses. So I too wanted to re-do it, but I really trust the Universe and had to let my own perfectionism go. It’s not that I do not see the flaws, but for both of us the lesson within the lesson is to notice how the details of life get in the way of our own enjoyment. So, I agree with you about the quality, and I can still get the message out. Thanks so much for making that point, as many people will now take this to their own lives and benefit. Abundant blessings of joy, Lori

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