Step 1. Know What You Want

“Hello my name is Lori Mitchell and you’re listening to Speed Manifesting. What we’re doing today is Step 1, which is Know What You Want. If you know what you want then you can begin to ask for what you want in a clear way. And the way to start that is to write it down. So once you begin to write down what you want, then you know what you want, and you know that you know. It’s not like the Universe is looking over your shoulder and needs to decipher it or anything like that…it’s that, when you can write it down, you’re clear on what you want. Because what happens is, in our life we get a lot of ‘shoulds’, or ‘have to’s’ inside of our What We Want. And so, even if you don’t know what you want, you can at least flip it around if you know what you don’t want. So start on that process. Move into something that you do want, and then start looking at whether you’ve got any shoulds in your life. If your list of what you want is because you think that it would make you happy; because you think that other people do it that way and it makes them happy. What I’m suggesting is that you start writing a list that is full of open possibilities. It could be wild, fantastical things that you put on there, but that it’s something that you would love to do…doesn’t have to be that you’re committed to doing it by writing it down first of all. Then you look at the list again and decide what you truly do want and you start getting down to some of the things you truly would like. And they’re not things like lots of money so you don’t have to worry about bills. That’s an ‘in order to get rid of a fear’. And what we want you to do is get you to create your knowing what you want list based on what you love as opposed to what you fear. So start thinking about what you love and move into that, even if it’s nothing like what your life looks like. And then write it down, have a look at it. Put it in the present tense; because the way that you write it and the way you relate to that intention is how it’s going to show up. So if you say that you’re continually, you know that you’re wanting to have money, then you will be put in a future place wanting to have money. That truly is how it works. So get the statement down where you’re clear on it, and then you can move your own vibration to relate to it, and then attract it into your life. Ok, and then once you’ve done that, write it down in your diary. Look at it from time to time. Carry it with you. But you’re writing it down and looking at it so that you can go “yah, that’s it; that’s what I want” so that you can know that that is what you want. So, we’ll be talking tomorrow about the next step, and the next step is Imagine With Emotion.”2VideoCourse If you are ready to skip ahead, click on the next step above. If you would like to review any of the steps as you go you’ll see the other steps listed as links below the videos.


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48 Replies to “Step 1. Know What You Want”

  1. Hi Lori,

    I just came across your website today; I’ve done very similar LOA work in the past and will now start here with your 7 steps. In terms of what I want, I have written this down many times before and narrowed it down to the feelings these things will give me which essentially is peace and freedom (ie, how I spend my time). What I really want is the ability to do what I want whenever I want to do it; this is a very strong desire. Getting specific has in the past ended up making me feel like I have to be tied down to those things I’ve specified; but those things change depending on circumstances. I feel like if I’m too specific, I’ll lose the feeling of what I want and may lose out on the best way to get that feeling which may come in a very different form.

    1. Hi Marisa, and welcome! Yes when you get too detailed about how you will receive and experience what you want, it does tie you down and limits your possibilities. Try a detailed description of what you want to FEEL, while you are enjoying what you think you want. It is what we believe about our Identity that often stops us from receiving. Try to focus on being the Identity/person that aligns with and allows that vision for your life or experience. Ask if you’d like more clarification, ok? Blessings, Lori

  2. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for sharing your tried and tested process to manifesting fast. There are so many different ways available to us via online, books etc. I look forward to applying your 7 steps to my life and am eager to see the results. Will keep you posted and can’t wait for step 2.
    Ferne πŸ™‚

    1. You are very welcome, Ferne. Glad to have you here learning more about how to manifest. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Step 2 is your “Invisible Superpower.” Enjoy. ~ Lori

  3. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for sharing your tried and tested process to manifesting fast. There are so many different ways available to us via online, books etc. I look forward to applying your 7 steps to my life and am eager to see the results. Will keep you posted.
    Ferne πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Lori,
    I hope this works out for me..tried the LOA earlier but somehow could never make it work for long…it is not as easy as it seems….so tough to be positive and believe a midst all the negativity but then hope is the only thing that helps me survive….i need your help….please help me…i want to be at peace successful,rich,happy and able to fulfill my dreams and those of my children and the people i love.

    1. Hi Rakshinda, glad you are doing the video course. Turning your thinking around comes in daily steps. The 7 Steps to Speed Manifesting cover the process, but you have to change small habits each day. The first step (Step 1) is to write down one thing you’d like to change in your life. Describe it like it is already happening and you are in the midst of experiencing it. Then once a day, think about that scene(Step 2). Finally, (Step 3) at the end of each day, write or speak 3 things you are grateful for: one past, one present (today) and one future. It is not always easy to overcome negativity, so you have to cultivate a better environment around yourself. Spend more time with people/things you love, and less time looking at/being with people/things that bring you down. Find the good in something small each day. Keep us posted on your progress!

  5. Hi lori, this is cristian here. I am enjoying your SPEED manifest video daily, and felt inspired to start this online course. I must inform you fristly that your system is not working, because I registered, but I am not receiving the daily videos. Regardless, I am watching your videos by clicking the link.
    Here is my affirmation, Please tell me if it is a good one:

    I am financially free to live the life of my dreams. My ever-growing abundance grants me the possibility to live with freedom my deepest desires, and helping others while affording infinite possibilities.

    Would that be good? Wealth is what I want to manifest! thanks

    1. Hi Julissa, thanks so much for asking. I know what you mean when you say you truly want money. But what will that money provide for you when you have it? Write THAT list with all your heart – peacefulness, security, flexibility, choices, freedom, stuff to play with, adventures? Choose the feelings that you are searching for. Then you are not chasing money, you are tuning in your mindset to what the money PROVIDES, ok? Blessings of abundance to you. ~ Lori

    1. Hi Rahul, tell me more about this. What do you mean by two lists? Do you mean you categorise one for work, one for personal, etc? It’s all your life, so you can have as many lists as you want. I always suggest you start with a bigger Wish List, then choose a few (or one from that) as your Intentions List. That way you are focusing on one thing at a time, trying on what it feels like to receive that intention. There is often much to work out with your beliefs about receiving each intention, and imagining with good emotions and gratitude for already receiving it. Blessings, Lori

  6. Dear Lori,
    You have given something to lean on when things are going apart.i Shall start practicing and look forward to abundance.God bless you,Regards,bharath kumar,India

    1. Thank you Bharath. Blessings on your speedy changes. I appreciate your comments very much. Abundance to you, Lori

  7. Dear Lori,
    Your message is powerful. It came at a moment when I was in need of something to help me to connect more deeply to manifesting a particular goal. As a Healer and Wsidom Keeper, I understand and follow the Principles already. I found it helpful though to be “the student”, once again.
    Blessings Of The One,
    Nkwej’ij Selina
    Ancient Healer

  8. Dear Mrs. Lori,
    Praise God and thank you very much, that unintentionally I know you and SPEED Manifesting. Why? I come from Christopherus, a non profit and Christian foundation in Indonesia. One of our ministry is making movies in VCD/DVD, and shortly we will start our Media Broadcast school. So we can use your advice to enhance our curriculum. I like your words: “Step out by faith…”

    Andreas Christanday (founder)

    1. Thank you Andreas. I am so happy you are moving toward your dreams. Abundant blessings to you in your Media Broadcast school. ~Lori

  9. Thank you so much Lori for your fantastic step by step process. I love it!
    Because it’s very clear and very easy to follow with deeply touched at heart. Once I now know how to stop and listen quietly inside my thought and asking myself what I truly really want? This step one has playing a major part to sort out what I truly wanted and unwanted. And now I put them into two different boxes. I now choose to focus on ONLY wanted box that I want to have in my life. Your step by step process is a blessed! Million thanks Lori! πŸ™‚

  10. Lori,
    Your ability to so clearly and simply, yet profoundly, state what I have known for so long and yet forgot to practice is a gift beyond words. Having the directives and loving guidance to “come home” if you will is a blessing I thank you for, abundantly.

    1. Dorothy your comments have deeply touched and inspired me on my purpose to share this message of applied simplicity to mindful, fun-loving people! Thank you so much. We are starting a personal revolution together!
      Abundant blessings. <3

  11. Wow, thank you…finally a step-by-step guide how to actually do our everyday life…..thankyou again

    1. Hi Rita, glad it makes sense in your life. It’s more important that we use it than that we know it, yes? That’s where our discipline and support becomes important. Learn it and then have some structures in place in your life to stay on track or get back on track. Ask any questions. That’s what I am here for. Abundance, Lori

  12. Hello Lori,
    I’ve lost my financial freedom when I sold my house down south and moved up here to the gold coast. Being retired now my biggest wish is to be financially free again. If asking ” I want to be financially free” is that living in the past or pushing it away to the future? Help.

    1. Hi Valtrude, to make your ‘want’ into an ‘intention’ and bring it into the reality of your life, start by stating your intention in the present tense:
      “I am financially free”.
      You can support that by including some other statements of what that looks like as if it is already accomplished in your life now.
      It is meant to get your subconscious to be in the reality of your intentions, so that IT can work back to give you your next steps toward that. So, you always create the words for your intention statement as if you are in the middle of a short movie of already living that lifestyle WITH the feelings you have inside it.
      Some additional suggestions that you can adjust and make your own to tie into your first statement:
      “I am financially free” “I have plenty of money to do whatever I like” “I am so satisfied and content with my lifestyle” “I love playing and enjoying my retirement” “I am blessed with money and financial freedom” “I travel whenever I feel like it” “I have mastered my life” “I have broken free from my past” “I am wise with my wealth” “I am a good steward of my money”

      Hope this gives some starters for you. Thank you for asking. I am very happy to help guide you. And remember Valtrude, “The past does not equal the future; it just gives us the lessons to create a-new if we listen.” Abundant blessings.

  13. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for the video and I will finish the ebook today. It’s really marvelous, thank you again. I not only know very specifically what I want, but I say it out loud every day as if I already have it and also mentally. I have it written down, as well as exactly what I’m going to do with it when it arrives. It feels very good to be in this place and for the first time in my life, it feels attainable and real as opposed to a mere unrealistic or unattainable wish or dream that I used to have.

    I’m looking forward to the next video.

    1. Hi Marina, that’s great to hear! Just so you know, it has already arrived in a different way than we can understand from our linear time-based perspective. Because you now accept your desires it is so. You are opening up to the possibility of receiving, and that feels so good! Yay you!

    1. Thanks Rob. Glad you are watching them. Enjoyed having you at the meetup yesterday. Great contribution. Let me know how you get on with manifesting after this week of videos. Msg me anytime! Abundance, Lori

  14. Hi Lori, at last I am getting around to your videos – yah!

    I have to say this is the first time I have started to “write down” what I really want as opposed to what I thought I wanted/ needed.

    This time I am not worried about if I had the words in the correct order to make it all work, it just my list of what I want and for the first time it feels really good.

    Thanks again Lori for you πŸ™‚

    Cheers and have a great day/week


    1. Thanks Judie, glad you are started! Just writing down what you want clarifies so much. It is good that you just got started without trying to get it all right. See you soon!
      Abundance, Lori

  15. Lori ~ Your ‘Speed Manifesting’ Videos have been an absolute Godsend for me this week, I appreciate your style of teaching & felt drawn to your words, your radiating warmth & great mentoring. Looking forward to actually getting back to ‘doing it’ now. Thank you so much for doing what you do & helping others so beautifully πŸ™‚

  16. Writing things down is what I used to do and I usually got some form of what I wanted. I guess I wasn’t specific enough. I stopped doing that and nothing has come to me in a very long time. I recently strated writing things down and …………I am receiving in small doses the things I want.

    Amazing!!!!! Be specific in your desires when writing them down. Make a detailed description! Don’t generalize or you may not receive exactly what it is you wanted.

    1. Hi Cilene, yes it’s such a powerful step to write it down. It begins your asking. As I have gotten more practiced I can manifest very quickly by speaking it forth out loud (especially while I am out and about). So whether I am lost and need a non-physical GPS or whether I am looking for a particular item while shopping, I say out loud what exactly I am ‘asking’ for and it is brought to me so quickly. Even a wallet full of cash is easy to ask for and receive. Abundance to you, Lori

  17. Hi Lori, Just back from NZ where my ‘baby’ son got married. It was so good to be with my boys and grandsons and I came home feeling a little lost without them, but feeling so grateful for the time with them and how they had all matured. I have never before been more self centered, self confident and very happy with my life where it is now. However I also felt it was time for this refresher to obtain the couple of intentions I have yet to achieve. Thanks again for always being there with me even though we have not ‘verbally’ talked for a while.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, so glad you are living life on your terms now. That has got to be a healthy choice. You inspire me.
      Abundance, Lori

  18. Hi Lori,
    Thank you for putting things in such an easy-to-understand way. Totally clear! Looking forward to the next step πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Matt, glad you are connecting with the simplicity. This method is working well for so many people. As soon as you start asking Life for what you want it begins to speed up for you! Abundance, Lori

  19. I’ve been drawn to your weavings. You weave words in a manner that has drawn my ear.I’m in court for debt .So my state of mind is not very happy.

    1. Hi Raul, Thanks for sharing where you are at. It is good that you are involved in this series. You must have been asking for a change. When you get to Step 5 you will hear some more useful advice on how to begin creating based on your future, rather than your past. Let me know later in the week how you get on with that Step. I look forward to hearing from you.

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