Step 7. Start Circulation

“Wow! Here you are, day 7 of your 7 day online course. So this is great! You’ve made it to the last day, and what you’ve got in those short videos is a real overview of the SPEED Manifesting method. I’ve been fair; I’ve given you as much as I possibly can. So I think that it’s a stand alone course in itself. You should be able to be manifesting now. You should be clear on a lot more of the concepts, even if you didn’t know about manifesting or creating for yourself.

Now just remember…a few things we’ll go over a review; remember the little man on your shoulder; remember to take that voice and just set it there whenever you need to; that’s your beliefs, and if they’re serving you, great. If they’re not just put that voice on your shoulder.

Remember that you are writing down what you want, so that you’re clear on what you want.

Remember you’re imagining, and imagining with emotion of receiving it, and having it be a real celebration; so it’s the outcome.

Remember that you’re feeling appreciation; it’s more than gratitude. It’s a feeling of being able to look at whatever is in front of you and say ‘yes, this is all coming to me perfectly and I am on my way.”

Remember that you are thinking about your thoughts, your words and your actions; that you’re using those three different types of actions: that you’re using orderly actions, you’re using intuitive actions and you’re using assumptive actions.

Today, now I want to talk to you about the final step in SPEED Manifesting: Step 7, which is “Start Circulation.” What I mean by Start Circulation is that everything in life is in flow, in circulation. But what most people think is that everything is a trade. See that’s the reality that we live in, as human beings, is that everything is trading. But the spiritual awareness from within knows that circulation is more like, it’s like a pay-it-forward universe. We feel really great when we serve doing what we absolutely love to do. We don’t have to get paid for doing something that we love. That’s the spiritual side. And the human side, the physical side, the reality side that we live in is that it’s a trading world. So we have to live in two different realities. But in order for you to express yourself fully, understand that what you are doing from your heart, is that you’re circulating in a pay-it-forward, giving way. And what you allow when you receive, is for someone else to pay it forward. So that’s the circulation; that you allow others to give to you; that you give, but that you give first. So if you are short of money; if you are short of love, if you are short of anything in your life; if you are feeling scarcity, look to give more of that. Look to give more money if you’re feeling short of money. Look to give more love if you’re feeling unloved. That expression within yourself will be opened up for receiving once you give; once you start the circulation flowing. So this is the important part about circulation.

The other part is that there is a tithing that can come from it; a “tenth”, that’s where the word comes from. And if you mulitply by ten, whatever you give, the principle is that you get back by ten times. You can measure this yourself, but the main thing is that you need to start giving. Even as a percentage of what you do have and those who give what they do have get more. I would suggest that you try this with the principle for yourself to get your own experience, not because I say to do it, but because it’s part of a universal principle that you’re willing to accept and to try it out and bring into your own experience.

And then also being a good steward of money; being a good steward of anything that comes into your life, being a good caretaker brings more for you. So it’s an important to understand that there is this spirit of opulence that comes from you being this distribution centre, but you start it, and you ALLOW to receive it.

Alright! So we’ve had a great week together and I would love to hear your comments on the comments list below here, and just to hear how it’s going for you. I am sure that people would benefit from it as well. If you’d like to continue a little bit more, there are extras on the site, like the membership. You’ll be getting a weekly inspirational Monday morning manifesting message, you’ll be getting the weekly radio show replays, so just stay in the conversation until you’ve really mastered it. That’s what SPEED Manifesting is about.

I do have one bonus for you: I am going to wait a week before I send it. Because I think you just need time to play around with this; play around with manifesting games; learn how to set this voice on the shoulder.

And then I’ll give you the next part, which I consider the key to SPEED. It’s a type of alignment, but we’ll talk about that in a week’s time on one last video…in a week’s time.

Thank you so much for listening. I’m glad that you’ve joined me here. Look forward to more of the journey with you.

~Lori Mitchell, see you then.”
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25 Replies to “Step 7. Start Circulation”

  1. Lori, so loved listening to all 7 steps and the efficient ease and warmth with which you shared this information. Lots of great information and I now feel capable and I can do this. Thank you so so much. Love your work. Love you. Hugs. In Light. Trilby

  2. Lori…. I am astonish !!! OMG, you are absolutely right about paying forward and giving on what we feel we need more.

    Thank you so much Lori for sharing these enriching video with us. Every time I go through the videos, I can instantenously feel the vibes that spur me to take action and focus….
    So inspiring indeed….

  3. Thanks a million Lori for the seven video series on how to properly manifest what you want. They all have very clear and simple instructions and I am sure that it will not be long before wonderful things really start happening in my life. Your are a great teacher. Thanks again.

    Much Blessings,


    1. Thanks Valerie. Awesome that you are hearing the messages. I appreciate your comments very much. Blessings, Lori

  4. Thank you Lori for taking the time and sharing with us your manifesting video. It is a wonderful gift and a treasure map towards manifestating one’s desire/s. I recently purchased your ebook, “Speed Manifesting” and continued being inspired.
    I can relate to your story of life’s struggles before you got started with the Law of Attraction. I raised my daughters as a single parent when I got divorced since they were at the ages 4 & 5 yrs old (now both in college – ages 22 and 20) and not an easy task.
    Only the last few years that it became much clearer to me about our built-in ability and power to bring our inner desires into physical manifestation through a friend introducing me to the Law of Attraction – The Secret. And to some it happens immediately, as in my case, I believe as the saying goes “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Not that I did not fully believe or understand, but I believe when the going is still manageable – you don’t really search deep within for answers and ways as to how you can turn your life around.
    For the last two years I’ve been in deep soul searching due to recent changes in my life and exploring the Law of Attraction much deeper to turn my life around and finding ways to pay it forward.
    Thank you again for sharing your life. I sincerely wish to do the same – I will be in touch! Unlimited blessings and joy to you and your family Lori. Tess

    1. Thank you Tess! Your appreciation is felt and received deeply by me. Yes our path is not always easy, but in hindsight it always places us exactly where we need to go next. Please keep in touch.
      Abundant blessings,

  5. Hi Lori,
    Thankyou for your video series and the book I bought etc.
    You put it together very well. Looking forward to meeting you.
    God bless, Raewyn

  6. Hi Lori

    Thanks so much for the valuable information in all of these videos. I have your ebook so will be studying this over the next week too! I am really inspired to take action towards these steps, you have explained them in a way that I haven’t been able to grasp before, but now it seems so clear! I have done a mind movie every year with my intentions, but now I have also created a vision book – I bought a beautiful notebook that looks like it is covered in jewels, and have put many manifesting pictures and statements in it. I have a page in it that has a picture of a treasure chest and put pictures of what I want to manifest between its pages, and then I sleep with it under my pillow. I feel it connects me to the magic of the universe, so thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much Estelle. Your treasure chest sounds LUSCIOUS!! The feelings you are creating and generating as you touch this book will bring so many great things, even unexpected great things – into your life. When it feels right, be prepared to put it away somewhere and let it be for a while too. That release is a powerful force AFTER you have completely aligned to your desires on a continuous basis. It might be a month or a couple months, but it is perfectly ok to fill it up and fill you up with the connection to your dreams and then detach – or release the Form so it can be filled up and manifested into Physical. Abundant blessings, Lori

  7. Dear Lori, Thank you so much for you wonderful course – it has really changed my approach to life! One of the most powerful things I heard you say at the Women’s International Day was: “It is NEVER too late” for me that was amazing stuff. I think that little voice on my shoulder was constently nagging at me that at my age it was too late. I can now put that little man to sleep. This latest video has opened up my world even further as has the other videos. Thank you so much you have opened up my mind, my heart and my world. Blessings and Abundance to you dear Lori. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow, thank you so much Deirdra. I am so happy you are noticing that your little voice is not who you are. What freedom! And it is never too late because every moment is a new moment of creation. The logic is infallible. You are only the same if you keep thinking the same things. The MOMENT you begin to have ‘new thoughts’ (thus the New Thought Movement in the early 1900s) you have a choice OVER karma; OVER your past; OVER your circumstances. Little by little, as you continue to face in the direction of your dreams and Vote for them by appreciating the small changes, your life shows up in new ways. And so do you! Abundant blessings to you, Lori

    1. Thanks so much Dorothy. Your words mean a lot to me. Thank you for your encouragement. Let me know how your manifesting goes! Abundance, Lori

  8. Kia ora Lori – enjoyed the messages and journey you have taken me on over the last week. I look forward to continually aligning myself and re-visitng the videos when needed. Especially enjoyed The Circulation video, I need to work a little more on this I feel. Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year

    1. Thanks so much Chris. I am glad you decided to watch the videos, especially at this busy time of year. Hope your visionboard is helping you to feel great. Abundance to you over this holiday season.

  9. Well Lori I just get so much out of listening to you I can’t put it into words right now.
    What Gerry said about this course speaks for me too, and he said it so well I can add nothing to that.
    The lesson that I appreciated the most was lesson 7, today’s lesson. I feel I understand circulation at a deeper level now and I want to focus on it.

    1. Thanks so much Gail. I am glad that you connected with this step, especially. New distinctions are coming to me about it too. It may be time for a follow up video? You might find it interesting. The gist of it is this: when you connect to the Flow through APPRECIATION of the Flow, the world opens for you. Try it and see!

  10. Thank you Lori for these short videos. They are great reminders. I have manifested many wonderful things and experiences in my life. I also have struggled with the manifesting process at times.

    Your clear and short videos are well done. I will be listening to them again and sharing with others. Now it is time to practice, practice, practice. The process never ends.

    Thanks, Bonnie

  11. Hi Lori,
    I’m receiving your messages loud and clear but I do think I will need to be going over the material again to get rid of the old patterning that has taken hold over time. Your gift is appreciated greatly and thank you so much.
    Love & Light

  12. Hi Lori,
    Your inspirational videos are an amazing follow up to your book which I have read also, passed on from a dear friend. Like you, she has come into my life on my journey to my new life, a new way of thinking, feeling and creating! I have just manifested a teaching position, full time which I have longed for for a few months. I felt it, beleived it, visualised it, was grateful for it previous, and have acheived an amazing position that is set to challenge and enrich my life. Thank you Lori, and look forward to listening to more in the future.
    Full of abundance, Disa ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Disa. I am so happy that you got the results. We are all connected and today you are a wonderful messenger of appreciation. Glad my book found its way to you. That is perfect. Abundant blessing, Lori

  13. Hi Lori, thanks so much for the 7 steps. I too love that they are brief and very clear. I have listened to some of your other material and it also resonates with me. I will be doing plenty of practice. Thank you for the bonus video in anticipation.

    With Regards, Natasha

    1. Hi Natasha, glad you liked the series. I think SPEED Manifesting came from my request to have it NOW and get it fast because it seems we live in a busy fast world. So the videos needed to be as breif as possible. But I do the same concepts over 30 minutes in my weekly radio shows, and 2 hours in monthly network sessions. But the basics are so straightforward. The Truth is always simple. Finding it is more of our own personal journey. Abundance, Lori

  14. Dear Lori. I have enjoyed the seven videos that you have obviously put so much time and effort into. I really appreciate the fact that they are short in duration yet still filled with so much teaching and insight. You truly are a great creator and giver. I look forward to the bonus “key” video in one week’s time and my continuation onward to greater, higher and deeper happenings. Thanks and Best Wishes. Gerry.

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