Step 3. Feel Gratitude

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“Hello it’s Lori again. Today we’re talking about Step 3 and that is Feel Gratitude. Gratitude is so beautiful, and it’s the one thing that turned my life around in one hour. Why do I say that? How could that possibly be? Because before that hour, I was unaware of two things:
#1 that I didn’t have to do this all myself; that it wasn’t all on my shoulders to create my life; that I had lots and lots of help, that was from an intelligent energy that was Life; that is Life, that rules all of Life.

#2 that being thankful in advance for what was about to come was where we align ourselves with what we really want. It’s a knowingness about Life. So, gratefulness: everybody says “write down things to be grateful for”, “be grateful”; yes it is important to be grateful, but I just want to define gratefulness in a different way because you may have heard gratefulness or gratitude from your parents: “be grateful!” and you may have some anchors attached that are very negative. And so what I want to do is help you understand what it is that causes gratefulness to be such a powerful tool in SPEED Manifesting. So understanding the cosmic relationship, the relationship between us and Life itself is that it’s a one-way relationship, and that relationship is in a giving sense. And the way that we open up to receive and allow is through appreciation.

So rather than a “gratitude” think of it as fully in appreciation of everything that comes to you. Trust that the things that are happening, are happening for a reason; for you to awaken, for you to grow, for you to get the next thing, as long as you know what you want. As long as you’re clear on what you want, the things that are coming to you now, are coming to you from a conscious request to go in a particular way, and you open up and appreciate what is good. Don’t appreciate the things that are bad, but look for the seed of good in those bad things. Look for the things that are great in your life, and what you’ll find is that the bad things seem to just get smaller and smaller in your attention to paying attention to the good things; in appreciating what you do have, in appreciating what’s around you, and really getting into a feeling of appreciation.

So once I, once I actually started looking for what was great and being thankful that someone else/something else, some other divine source was going to deliver what I was asking, that it was completely the Way Life Worked, then I was able to relax into it. Within a couple of hours of having that knowledge, for instance, I found money that I needed badly that day, for buying groceries for our family. And then I got the faith from that; the seed of faith that started building and building. And now it just happens all the time when I’m clear on what I want and when I put it in my imagination, put an order in the kitchen to say “yes, here it is” and then I just know; I have this feeling of appreciation for things around me. The complaints start to disappear, and so with the complaints do the problems. Yes there are problems in life. I am not trying to gloss life over and make it candy-coated. It’s that life is real, you know? It engages us and I like that; I like life. And, the more I appreciate and pay attention to what I do love, and stop talking and paying attention to what I don’t like, the more the good stuff opens up for me. The more I almost instantly have things around me shift; have people around me change/calm down/be happier, without me insisting on them being happy so I can be happy.Right? So I get there first. And I appreciate whatever I have, and I let things go more quickly that way. I have this beautiful feeling of…even when something I don’t like, if comes in front of me my natural discipline now, my habitual way of being now is to actually look for the good in things. I have shifted my polarity. So that’s what I invite you to do, is to shift your polarity in any area where you think you have lack. Whether it’s health, whether it’s finances, whether it’s relationships, if you have an area where you really feel that it’s no good, or it couldn’t be good for anyone, just set that little voice on your shoulder. It will go off and talk but just know that that’s not who you are in this moment. In this moment you’re deciding something new. That voice is from the past. It guides you; it helps you. When you are creating something new you have to listen to the quiet voice, to the still voice and look for what to appreciate. Sometimes it’s actually appreciating your future; appreciating what’s coming, in that sense. And that’s part of having faith.

So today we’re going to open that up a little bit more by suggesting that you play a little game. Between today’s video and tomorrow, that you actually start to manifest something. You have enough information now from the first three days’ videos to start playing the manifesting game. So I want you to write down what you want to manifest. I want you to imagine it like you’re sending an order, and be so excited about receiving it; the moment of actually noticing and seeing it. We’re just going to choose something like an object. It could be a butterfly. But give it a colour; give it form and shape and put yourself in that picture. And then start to appreciate the fun that you have in that moment. Appreciate that you’re given so much. Appreciate that you’re in this moment in time given this message so that you can do something about your manifesting in all your life. So it’ll be really interesting over the next couple of days to see what happens out of that clarity for you. Put it into action. That’s what we are about with SPEED Manifesting. The information is not going to help you. It’s putting it into action in a way that is in alignment with the way the Universe works, getting into opening up the appreciation in your life.

So for today’s lesson I want you to add also to go out and speak appreciation to people. Write it down, if you need to, if somebody’s not around you. Just write down how much you absolutely appreciate your spouse, your children; whatever works for you in that way. Write down a conversation if you can’t have one with them. But speaking it is so much more powerful, and it doesn’t have to be spoken. The vibration is there. It’s coming from you. Everything you’re creating is coming from you. And getting into that appreciation no matter what; it’s a beautiful vibration. It’s one that can shift things; shift reality; but you have to actually know it and experience it for yourself. And that’s what I invite you to do today. Alright, so there you have it; Feel Gratitude.

3The next step to SPEED Manifesting(TM) is “Think Deliberately.”


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15 Replies to “Step 3. Feel Gratitude”

  1. Hi Lori,

    Hnmm…this is speedy….and only the 3rd Video. I like it!

    Video is definetly not my thang…but you have such seductive powers! You are not just a pretty face, you have the voice and style to match. I’m Jealous. Brains, power, money, friends, love, happiness…what a role model. I’m a dedicated follower of Lori Mitchell and freedom.

    Seriously, I had a personal insight. Your concept of gratitude is so refreshing. It made me realise on a subtle level what an ungrateful sod I can be….but so appreciative in many other ways. I truly appreciate my family and friends…and You.

    One other thing regards ‘speed shifting’. I’m a 64 yr veteran carrying some bagage. I’m tossing up whether to do the ‘Ruby 90 Day Transformation’ or have a 30 minute session with you. Which do you think would be most beneficial to engage with first?
    Thank you Lori for the succinct solid lessons.

  2. Hi, I wanted to say, when is it too much, and not enough. After my visual in the morning, I just started doing my gratitude about what was on my mind, it was there, and it seems like this is the same recording, is that alright. I usually visual the same, things, and do my gratitude, right after it. This gratitude, I knew, but, never really used it, the way, that I am now using it. Will, I see results, since, I am now doing it w/ my visual? Thanks,

  3. I totally agree with monique, I am grateful and I feel honoured! Thankyou for sharing your time and work Lori, many blessings and love.

  4. Hi Lori,

    Thank you so much for your generosity in putting these FREE! videos out. They’re not just fluff and filler like so many out there which don’t tell you anything until you buy their product. Not everyone can buy them at the time. And the transcripts are invaluable as well. Thank you!

  5. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for your great videos & the wonderful teacher you are!
    Yes, I find that gratitude is the key for me. Being grateful for the small things. When I express my sincere gratitude for what ever it is that I have received, or for my environment, my level of appreciation is elevated instead of taking things for granted!
    We say Grace for our meals but we’d we’ve never given thanks for the water or beverages we drink, ’till now.
    Giving thanks for the simple things in life: the fresh air we breath, the whole body in which we live & appreciation for each other!
    I appreciate you Lori & give thanks for your message:-)
    With gratitude:

  6. I am one of those people that doesn’t like to write gratitude lists. For me, they almost feel forced and unnatural. I prefer to either vocalize my gratitude and appreciation for something when it happens, or before if it’s something I’m anticipating, or else just feel it. It definitely feels good though and makes a huge difference in my life experience.

    I liked your manifesting game suggestion. In fact, about a week ago I played that very game myself. I live in an area where we occasionally see jack rabbits but even more rarely, we see what I call cotton bunnies. The little brown rabbits with the white fluffy tails. Anyway, one day I said to myself I want to see a little cotton bunny because I had not seen one of those in more than a year. I also remember saying that I didn’t want to see a jack rabbit. Well, within about 2 hours, what did I see outside? A jack rabbit! Reminder to self, don’t say what you DON’T want. The rest of the evening, I occasionally peeked outside for my cotton bunny, still saying that I wanted to see one. Well, I never saw it that day and I just forgot about it. The following afternoon, however, I was at the kitchen sink and I happened to look out the window into my back yard and what did I see? My little brown cotton bunny was right outside! I remembered the previous days’ request and I thanked the universe profusely. Now the little creature has taken up residence in my yard where I see her/him every day. That’s never happened before. Thank you!

    And thank you Lori.

  7. Thanks Lori

    I truely appreciate your style of teaching and the obvious joy you feel and show when interacting with others. Thank you these videos.


  8. Hi again Lori
    Thank you for this and all your videos. Your sincerity and wisdom always leave me feeling uplifted. And Jim, I too have found the gratitude lists difficult to consistently maintain. What I strive to do instead is, just as you suggest Lori, appreciate the small things at the very moment they happen. This morning as I was making my coffee a beautiful speckled bird landed on the bush just outside my window. He really was too heavy for the branch but he managed to stay there just long enough for me to feel that childlike awe. I have always done this to some degree and to be honest have never found it manifests wealth ~ my American partner and I are in fact currently struggling through bankruptcy and various other challenges ~ but what it does bring for me is an ability to ride the tough stuff of life and still to continue to exude joy, peace and excellent heath in the face of it all.

    Having said all of this I must say that when I have managed to list all that I am grateful for it invariably brings results in the form of that much needed money for groceries etc! Warmest ~ Helen

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for sharing so much with us. Yes, it is that sense of childlike awe that I mean by appreciation. Did you know that you can begin to shift the belief about the money coming whether you feel good or not? Repetition helps to replace old beliefs about it. However, to feel appreciation in any moment transcends your belief that you need money anytime. I hear you, that you feel strongly about keeping your financial obligations, that you pay on time and that you would choose to have it all another way. If this is true for you, then know that the future only equals the past when we have the same thoughts. When we finally move an old thought about money and replace it with a new thought, money (just like any other belief system) shifts to obey the new thought. For you, though you must cultivate the new thoughts and encourage the smallest demonstration of new circumstances with appreciation, no matter how small. So, if you find a coin on the ground, know that this is the gift of your new commitment to a new life through new thought. Open up for more with small things and more will come. At first it may only look and feel like relief rather than abundance. But stay focussed on the feeling of having all this behind you and looking back at it like a chapter of your life that is closed. Use the Key to SPEED when you get to that step. And continue to thank the small things for showing up out of the blue. You are doing great. Abundant blessings of joy and prosperity to you, Lori.

  9. Thanks Jim. Glad you found the distinction useful. The appreciation and gratitude can blossom into a childlike awe of the power of the world/Universe around us, and our interaction with it. Being appreciative of ‘ridiculously’ small things can open up big things for us. Let me know what this brings into your life. I would love to hear it! AB2U. ~Lori

  10. Lori,
    I think your distinction between gratitude and appreciation is very helpful. I have often struggled with the concept of “feeling gratitude”; consequently, I find it hard to engage emotionally with “gratitude-feeling grateful”. Most personal development persons speak of listing things to be grateful for, usually as the last thing to do before going to sleep at night. Frankly, I have not found this exercise useful.

    However, when I think in terms of appreciating things in my life, the concept becomes clearer and easier to practice. Appreciation, to me, is a dynamic present-tense exercise that I can do throughout my day. Making gratitude lists is a static, past tense activity. Thank you for your insight.

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