At The Speed of Beliefs

Those who are finally awakening to the enormity of the world’s problems are becoming overwhelmed with doom and gloom. They are uncertain what to do or where to start. They are feeling angry, frustrated and fearful. People are:

  • continually worried about their future
  • finding it hard to get ahead
  • struggling in their relationships and finances
  • lacking peacefulness

“The world is in need of a new perspective.” ~ Lori Mitchell

Don’t stick your head in the sands of Positive Thinking! Denying reality allows the world to continue to form your life and manipulate your future. There are answers, and they come from your beliefs. Applying the solutions will only make a difference when you know why and how beliefs created the current world structures. We live in a maze of our repetitive thoughts and we are trapped in dead end loops created by unquestioned beliefs. Whether they are group beliefs or individual choices made long ago, they keep playing in the background of our habits and reactions. To break free from our mental limits, we must get out of the maze. But first we have to learn the beliefs that continue to cause our lack of growth and expansion.

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After losing her success in career, money and relationships, Lori Mitchell came across some wisdom that gave her the final key she needed to turn her life around. Within one hour she was manifesting fast and that fateful hour began a new life; she began to move toward her dreams quickly.

In a few months she went from debts of over $200,000 to being mortgage free and living in the place of her dreams. She never wanted to be stuck again, so she looked back at what she’d done and saw a pattern. She repeatedly applied the principles and found she could duplicate success consistently. When she shared it with others and they started to get results, she realised she’d found her own method of success.Download version includes full workbook & color exercises

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    1. Hi Ruby, checking in with you; did you receive the pdf file I emailed? Yes sometimes the download links in the automated ebook email does get stopped with some email providers – ah the tech! Let me know if you’ve received your copy and if you have any questions about the method please ask.

    1. Hi Lyn, not sure what happened for you, but we were live from 9am. Maybe you got on the page early and needed to refresh the viewto see the webinar screen showing? So sorry about that! I have posted audio replays and an overview slideshow. If you have already bought your book then please send me the receipt as we had over 70 live views. Let me know if you have more questions! Abundant blessings, Lori

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