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SpeedShifting™ is the 15 minute technique to remove blocks and barriers powerfully, so that you can get faster results in your manifesting.knocking-down-beliefs

When we know how to create and there are no limiting beliefs in the way, life is easy, flowing and fun.

When things slow down and we encounter obstacles, these come in the form of circumstances or people – externally or internally chosen. These limiting beliefs are stopping us from living our dreams and creating our next intentions for a great life.

SpeedShifting™ picks up where SPEED Manifesting™ leaves off. It is a 15 minute technique to remove layers (and layers!) of beliefs quickly, so you can get on with fully receiving your dreams.


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If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, you can contact me for a 30 minute SpeedShifting™ session. That would be like a personal laser focus on knocking over your limiting beliefs. You’ll be experiencing this one on one as I guide you through the 4 parts of it to finally release the limit. It’s like a guided visualization through your belief.

You may be one of the people saying “oh yeah, I did that in the early days; I was one of the first!”

I hope so. It’d be cool to create some breakthroughs and release your blocks to manifesting what you want.

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One Reply to “SpeedShifting Now”

  1. Lori,
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for our speed shifting session. Its not just the speed shifting but the giving of yourself, your whole self, to helping me understand how to help myself.

    I appreciate whole hardheartedly, your gifts Lori. Thank you


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