Where there is a Villain there is a Victim

Teenagers keep us real. Yes, they have come here as our teachers. And when we teach them about our work, they are instantly there to let us know we are inconsistent with our teachings or even momentarily off track. I will come back to that in a minute. First, I need to explain the background.

I have vowed to give up being a Victim. You see that uppercase “V?” I am talking about the pervasive way-of-being that most people play out in our world. I recognized it and what it was costing me to continue playing it, so I put my stake in the ground and said, no more. I am not talking about the choices, actions and consequences of other people on me; not being victimized, no. This is different because it is an old cruel self-joke that I learned from those around me, who learned from those before them, who learned from…you get the picture. It comes from eons of forgotten knowledge and wisdom that “what you think about is what you get” and that “everything that happens to me I have created on some level”. So I took 100% responsibility for my life and found a simple way to tell if I was in the state of being a Victim.

It is so simple to become aware of it and change; so easy to find it and turn it around:


That’s it. It is simple. Just stop. Stop complaining about your job, your spouse, your business, the government, the price of gas, the lack of money in your life, the world problems. Just stop. Stop spewing your opinions about all that is wrong with your life, with others, with yourself, with the world.

But what would you have to talk about then? Duhhh. That is the point. From the moment you decide to release the Victim mentality you begin a walk of freedom. Freedom from giving other people and organized entities the power over your life and your happiness.

Now back to the point about the point. My 15 year old son delights in being my mentor. You know, those kind of mentors that viciously tell you when you are not being true to your words and your ideals, and laughs at you being in the gap of where-you-are from where-your-higher-self-is-on-holiday-somewhere-else. So whenever I forget this simple and easy choice and begin to complain about something or someone or the way the world is, he looks me straight in the eye and says “What are you manifesting, mom?” ARRGHH. I am humbled, if only momentarily, because he is reflecting the choice I already made about WHO I AM. Thanks for the reminder, child.

Now time to lighten up and have a laugh about it all. Here is a video called “Stop It” and I dedicate it to you, for the difference it will make in your life to just stop it.

Abundant blessings,


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2 Replies to “Where there is a Villain there is a Victim”

  1. Wow I love teenagers! So nice to find adults who are wise enough to see the wisdom of the younger generation.

    My own teenager is constantly pointing out when I break my own rules, LOA and otherwise.

    And it amazes me how wonderful she is at her own manifesting…makes me a little envious 🙂



  2. Hi Lori

    I manage a team of 6 in an office – I encourage my team to complain to me as while they’re complaining I get lots of underlying information I can use for managerial purposes. It also stops them bottling stuff up and I’ve recommended a couple of staff for therapy on the basis of allowing people to complain. Personally I feel complaining is good for stress relief if you do it in the right way and balance it off with follow up action.

    I regard it so important in fact we’ve appointed a member of the team as Moaning Co-ordinator – we have had to give him a swear box though as he got a bit out of hand.

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