Using Affirmations to Say Yes

Affirmations Are Self-directed Positive Statements

“Affirmations” are usually focused on what you don’t have, or how you are not yet behaving. With that insight, can you understand why affirmations are an uphill battle for many people who are disciplined enough to repeat them daily?

The trick to being free with affirmations and having them work for you, not confirm against you, is your perspective. Before you set an affirmation, think about what you want, and consider if you think it’s possible for you to actually receive it someday. If that’s a big yes, then go ahead and get excited about the day you experience the satisfaction of achieving whatever you are affirming.

However, if your reaction to an affirmation sounds like “that’s a lie” then you have your answer about why the affirmation is slowing you down, not speeding up your manifesting. You are not being reasonable with your mind power – your subconscious – and so it throws it out as irrelevant. Go through an exercise to see whether you can make it reasonable.

First, check if you really want it; sometimes we think we want something, but it is to please other people. Sometimes it was someone else’s dream and we thought that would make us happy. If you know you truly want it then use it in a way that allows you to have it or become it gradually. So instead of saying “I am a millionaire” you can say “I am beginning to live a millionaire lifestyle” or “I am a millionaire in thoughts and words.” Or if being a millionaire really shows up as too much of a stretch for your mind right now, try “I am manifesting more and more money into my life every day.”

This viewpoint changes your energy of intention and you begin to get excited about the outcome, not the process. You can then get busy in life and let the affirmation simmer and percolate through your sending and receiving faculties, ready and open to grab new opportunities and inspirations.

Once you begin to see changes in your circumstances in wonderful new directions, take that as a green light to ramp up your affirmations to a new level. Now you are working with a “Yes” and affirmations can free you to do what they were intended, which is to say “Yes” to a clear and focused desire leading you to your dreams…not focused on what you don’t have or how you are not yet behaving.

This way your subconscious is getting reasonable orders in the direction aligned with your dreams, step by step. Can you now accept it affirmatively? See, that is the basis of the word affirmation – affirmative.


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