Universal Laws

Law of Attraction

Energy vibrates at difference speeds, or frequencies; slower vibrations producing physical matter, faster vibrations producing thoughts, fastest vibrations existing in the frequencies of emotion and light.

One of the properties of energy is that each frequency attracts and tunes to all other energy waves of the same frequency (like a tuning fork). Therefore thoughts and emotions attract like energy. This is the primary Law of humanity.


Law of Rhythm

Life unfolds in cycles; tides flow in and out, day follows night, things get worse and things get better. Go with the flow. Everything has its season.


Law of Gestation

Every seed planted has its unique gestation period. Linear Time is a concept used by Man as a way of organizing activity and agreement. Patience and Faith assist in allowing the Universe to work out its perfect creation time.


Law of Relativity

Everything just is, until related to something else. “Here” cannot exist without the reference point of “there”.


Law of Cause and Effect

Every action has a reaction. You reap what you sow.


Law of Vacuum

Nature seeks to fill a vacuum. By creating a vacuum you allow more to flow in.


Law of Polarity

Everything has an equal and opposite. There is no bad without good, no hot without cold, no dark without light, and no problem without a solution. Therefore the moment a desire is conceived in your heart, its counterpart, form, exists in the thinking formless substance ready to be born following the Law of Gestation.


Law of Similarity

As above, so below. As within, so without. Analogies are a powerful way of teaching because of the Law of Similarity. The way you observe life in one situation you can apply to others for a greater understanding of yourself within. You can use Nature to learn about yourself and your current obstacles to overcome and develop yourself.


Law of Order

You live in an orderly Universe, and by reflecting this principle you are working with the Universe to help you toward your Intentions.


Law of Motion

Nothing stands still; nothing stays the same. Life is in continual motion. Do not fret about current unwanted circumstances. Appreciate what you have. It is an illusion to try to hold on to things, for “even this shall pass”.


Law of Thinking

Our power to think determines our state of living. Man is constantly thinking. He can change his thought, but he cannot stop thinking. This thinking power flows in and through him like the very air we breathe. All action is the result of thought. It determines the conditions of life, and to have better conditions we must first make efforts to organize our thoughts.


Law of Non-Resistance

Resistance as a means of securing peace and harmony is a mistaken and misleading idea. “Resist not evil”. Like water, a perfect non-resistant element, we can see where it wears away the hardest rock, sweep away everything before its torrential outburst. Be like water. Resist nothing yet keep flowing.


Law of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has a two-way effect. As we forgive, we are forgiven and free. We must put forth the first effort. Our willingness must open up the way for our forgiveness. By forgiving others, we free ourselves from a self made trap of negative thoughts.


Law of Sacrifice

The Art of Discipline: giving up something you like for something you want. This creates a vacuum from a positive space.


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