Too Fast…Spooky SPEED Manifesting Wobbles

Have you started to get into manifesting quickly, then “fallen off the wagon” of intentional thinking? I did, this week. Yes I have my moments where I get frustrated and Life has a way of showing me that I am off track quickly, now that I practise SPEED Manifesting.

It started on a Sunday night, as I was driving my son home in my husband’s 15 year old car. It is LPG (Propane Gas) powered, and I was previously thankful for it in the midst of petrol prices. I was having trouble shifting gears and got so frustrated that I used the “H” word on the car. Since I teach my children not to use it, my wonderful 15 year old son corrected me, “you mean you don’t LIKE it.” No”, I told him, “I hate it” and confirmed it again. Then I relented about 1 minute down the road; “you’re right”. Then I let it go and carried on.

The next morning, bright and early at 9am I was on my way to a meeting, using the car again, and while I was going 80km/h the hood flipped up and hit the windshield. Everything was fine, the hood was easy to crunch back down into place and I was on my way again shortly. I was a little shaken up, that’s all. Then of course I started analyzing things because I know I am the co-creator of my life, all of it.

Do you want to know the spooky part? I was driving along the exact stretch of road that I spoke those words with emotion 12 hours before going the opposite way when the hood flipped up.

Another reminder for me of the Power and Poison of our Words. And a gentle lesson, thank you Universe. I am listeninng.

Abundance to you,


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