Three Stages of Transformation

“This should be easy!” we say. “Why is this not working for me?” Change comes through three stages of transformation, and it’s useful to understand how change works and why we resist change so that you can swing with the pendulum of change until your transformation is complete. The first stage is becoming aware of a behaviour and its costs. The second stage is, with this awareness, making a new choice in any moment. The third stage is to follow through with that choice until it becomes a habit.

Do you find it hard to change yourself and your habits? There is a reason for that. We are designed to be open, curious and in awe of the world. We are conditioned, however, to become repeatable, consistent workers. Our schooling was designed in the previous Age, the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of high demand for mass manufacturing. Workers were needed who could be consistent and repeat tasks during gruelling 14 hour days. Skills as factory workers allow masses to enter a new era of working away from sustenance family farms, providing more for families. It wasn’t a perfect human rights world; far from it. But our world as we know it was built upon those foundations.

We live in a time of immense change. The emerging world is the Age of the Mind. We are now exploring what it means to be a human being and we have begun this Age through technology. We want to explore new frontiers everywhere. Our human social lag is catching up. We are ready to let go of repeating history. We are ready to accept that there’s more to life than our five senses. We are open to expanding our thinking and creating from our minds out of new possibilities, as we choose them; not just geniuses or inventors, but all of us.

So, we start on a bold new path, and things in our life begin to change; new options begin to show and we get excited. Then… the dreaded block or barriers come up. We procrastinate. We self-sabotage. We receive ridicule, discouragement and downright condemnation about our new efforts. We fall back. We make mistakes. We do the same old, same old, and we even give up the possibilities of a new life, because the effort is just too much.

If you truly wish to live in awareness and enter new frontiers of living, know that the pendulum of change swings back and forth. Learn that these three stages are normal. Although you may not have been conditioned for this Age, it will become easier over time, with your choices coming from the moment of NOW, again and again, until you and your life become a reflection of your new choices. Then the pendulum slows, settles and finally stops and you have that ease and flow again, at a new level of experience. Stay the course. It is the way back to living fully.


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