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lori sign smallI appreciate you and want you to apply the tools to move quickly toward living your dream lifestyle. ~Lori

Here is a question and my reply to clarify the Key to SPEED and how to apply it:

“Hello Lori. This part is a bit of a challenge. So what we should be doing is
1) Looking at our surroundings
2) Imagine a better version of it in the future
3) perhaps say some uplifting words like “ah how wonderful would it be if when I look at my bank statement I would see a large amount of money in my account, perhaps a couple millions in there :D”
4) Imagine this future moment becoming linked to here and now(?)

Not quite sure about that last step! Could you clarify a bit further please?
I’m so grateful for your interest and responses, I plan on researching that method you mentioned (I love you.. I forgive you etc.).
A warm hug and blessings for the new year, Lori :).”

REPLY: “Hi Cristian, thanks for asking for clarity. I would flip it around when you get to the Key: imagine yourself in a general sense in the future, at the end of a well-lived life!
THEN as you are standing/sitting there, ponder the MEMORY of the time you accomplished your goal with satisfaction. Feel the joy and gratitude of completion. Be the person who already has seen that lifestyle/dream/goal occur. I will rephrase your wonderful affirmation more powerfully for you: “ah how wonderful it is when I look at my bank statement and see a large amount of money in my account, even a couple million in there :D”

Abundant blessings, Lori

Lori Mitchell


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