Ever Increasing Abundance of Circulation

Circulation is the principle of creating wealth and continuing wealth. If you are looking to start your abundance then this is the way to ‘prime the pump’. Once upon a time we dug a well for continuous water supply. The way to bring the supply up the empty pipe to the surface was to ‘prime’ it. This meant manually pumping a handle until the water filled the vacuum created within the pipes and then you had a freeflow effect of water gushing out.

Ah, how Life shows us the way! To get things started, prime your pump and create a vacuum in the energy called money by releasing some of it. If you think you may be your own best charity, then the need to release is stronger for you.

First, clear out any unused, broken or unwanted items in your home. Then, take some of what you have in cash and give it to create abundance of something somewhere else. Create the vacuum to prime your pump. Next, as the smallest amounts come in, continue to clear out more unused items and give away a portion of all that you earn or receive – SHARE it. This was once known as tithing, which means “a tenth”. Give 10% of whatever you receive, but make sure it is going out to create abundance for others, rather than perpetuating or supporting anything which you do not wish to continue. You can donate to charities anytime you wish to, but this is not the tithing or SHARE principle.

Release the thought of trading. This is not a trade, it is a one way giving, knowing that more is coming in some other way. Circulation is not a two way street. Water does not flow both ways. Let go of the things you are holding on to. Allow the space needed to bring more into your life.

Abundance to YOU!



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