Manifesting Cash

Manifesting money fast is the number one request I get. If you’ve read my book you’ll notice the balance in my manifesting process. Yes, manifesting money is part of the process, but if you have to ask, then maybe it’s a different question that you are asking, so I will answer both the direct question and then the unasked question.manifesting cash

1. To manifest money fast – Imagine it with emotion. Picture your wallet full of $20 or $50 notes and FEEL happy and content, or at least relieved. If you need it badly, then imagine it and celebrate that moment of receiving. Be thankful for it in advance. Do this any time you have an immediate need for small amounts of cashflow fast.

2. To manifest money fast any time on a regular basis, the real question behind the question is usually not the money. It is the freedom that you want, isn’t it? It is really financial freedom; manifesting money in order to be free to have fun, explore the planet and holiday, give gifts and of course to be free from fear of debt and obligation. So imagine the lifestyle; imagine doing the thing that you want the money for; imagine paying your bills happily, no matter what your current circumstances.

Remember that money is a tool to create. It is like the pipes in your house. Set it up to receive, but unhook from banging on the pipes. When you go about your day, you don’t think about the pipes as you shower, wash the dishes or quench your thirst. Appreciate the source of the supply, not the plumbing!

So, to get past a temporary manifesting crisis, use your imagination to call it forward and watch for it. Appreciate it in small amounts as it shows up. Eventually to be a master manifester, make it about the outcome, not the way to get there.

Abundance to you! ~ Lori

Sydney Opera House with Lori on Cruise

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Breaking Through My Fear

Recently I was invited to attend a wonderful weekend seminar on mindset & wealth creation. My good friend was going and I thought it would be useful and informative, so I signed up too. It was 4 days over a weekend and it had many good speakers talking about exactly how they used their mindset on their way to becoming financially free in Australia. One was the first civilian astronaut, another had precious metals trading business, and others were coaches and internet marketers with a wonderful lifestyle.

One evening the task was introduced: karate chop through a board with your bare hand.breaking-through-fear_448x336

This was something I did years ago with an outdoor adventure training company employer. I enjoyed it then and learned the techniques to make it happen. Back then it took me a couple of goes at it, but with coaching I did it! It felt great and I was glad I achieved it, since I am lean and small boned.

So this time, I was mentally tired after a long day in seminars, and decided I could skip it and go home at a reasonable hour. Well, this was not meant to be. About an hour before the exercise began, they were explaining how to successfully break through the board. They gave the physical, mental and energetic instructions. Then they handed out legal disclaimer forms. During the weekend we had been organised into groups, and if I left early my group lost points. Wow, I felt so much resistance coming up. I didn’t want to do it, because I had already done it before! I wasn’t afraid, I just couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t feel like doing it, stop telling me what to do…all these mental voices came up. In those voices I suddenly heard people in my childhood, who I feel succumbed to those voices and never got over some limiting obstacles. That woke me up enough to realize it wasn’t my voice; it was subconscious, and I had a choice. I sat with my resistance for a while, still not signing the form. Then I did my own Energy work around releasing the thought “I don’t feel like doing this,” and -whoa – my voices changed into raw fear! Such strong emotion was coming up. My group members were waiting for me to say yes, and I said – nothing. (Very unusual for me). I was speechless in my internal terror, facing the idea that I had to do this for myself; yet I was feeling cornered. No one was insisting or even challenging me to do it. They were all excited. I let go of any resistance but was not committed to it. I was allowing myself to go through the motions as I observed without stopping myself. I signed the form, handed it in, got my board and wrote the name of the obstacle I wanted to break through – yes “FEAR” was the perfect word. I got in circles of people all lining up to do it. As I watched the young women have trouble breaking through, my anxiety came up again – fear of looking bad, not being right or successful, while everyone watched. The exercise wasn’t going to end until everyone in the room (over 70 people) were successful.

I pulled myself up mentally and finally took charge of my thinking. I realized that I had to do this physically and symbolically too – it represented unfamiliar fears that I was hiding behind resistance, ambivalence and “I already know this”. So I went to the SPEED Manifesting(TM) method and did a quick check through the steps:

1. Yes, I knew what I wanted: to break through that board powerfully the first time!

2. Yes, I imagined it and how I would feel about being successful. I had plenty of people in front of me to show me the way. I closed my eyes and pictured my board with the word F-E-A-R broken it two!

3. Yes, I stopped momentarily and became grateful to the seminar organizers for this opportunity and to the person who was going to be holding the board. He was so excited for each success and so encouraging. I could feel his want for our success.

4. Yes, I had become the observer in my thinking and watched my subconscious without resistance.

~ I was in line and suddenly it was my turn. Next I was handing the board to be held while the whole crowd was there looking at me. ~

5. Yes, I used their technique of speaking out loud “Yes, Yes, Yes” to get ready with the power of sound.

6. Yes, I took right action; I stayed the distance to do the necessary work; I took a moment to physically practice the movement as rehersal and I focused on a goal of 110% – not just ending at the board, but going through it and beyond.

7. Yes, I got the energy moving and I imagined bringing the energy of the Universe through one hand, down that arm, twisting and picking up speed through my chest as I gave it back through the board to the person beyond it.

I think he was as pleasantly shocked as I was that I split that board in two, first time. And he cheered me and my success just as I had imagined it!

I also noticed in that moment after it broke, that I was looking at what I had specifically imagined: the board break occurring between the F and E.

My Karate Chop Board

So what do you think about my success? It was wonderful to use the exercise to break through my hidden unlabelled FEARs. Especially since I could see that my fears sometimes look like apathy or non-interest.

I also, again had a quick and intense example of using SPEED Manifesting(TM) to create fast. And it still humbles me when it happens like this.

I am blessed that you share in my fun, my trials and my successes too. Thank you for being here now, with me.

Abundantly yours,

Lori on California Coast Holiday

(Reprint from previous blogsite)

Do you ever think about your internal relationship to money?

I was deep in a visualization about my relationship to money, and what I discovered astounded me.

Using a metaphor of my ‘money chamber’, I went down into the ‘room’ where I could explore what my relationship to money meant to my subconscious.

What I found there was an elderly man with glasses, sitting at an old oak desk. He was bald and he had a face striped with worry and diligence. His glasses were magnifying, like those used for looking close-up. The room was like a dim basement chamber. He had money and coins around him, and he was surprised to see me.

At the moment I saw him I realized that he was the good steward I had elected to take care of my money decisions. He had helped me to be a responsible and sensible young woman about money. I realized he was exactly what I had needed when I appointed him.

You see, when I was around 11 years old, I made a mistake. And it had cost me my mother’s love, I thought. I guess I have been entrepreneurial ever since I realized that I could earn my own money and have it to spend, instead of being confined to my mother’s relentless answer ‘no we can’t afford it’. During that time I would make a craft (like woven or crocheted potholders) and then go door-to-door and sell them for a dollar. Next, I saved up $25 and bought a greeting card sales kit from the direct sales ads in the back of my cartoon magazines and went around selling boxes of greeting cards to the elderly ladies in the neighborhood. They were kind to me and welcomed the brief company of a cheerful and very focused young girl.

Finally I decided to open my own restaurant. My sister was a talented artist. She is a professional portrait artist and has been a graphic designer (she designed my ankle tatoo of hibiscus flowers way back in the 80′s). My mother was away working for the day, and we were bored. So I enrolled my sister in designing and illustrating my menu, and creating a sandwich board to put outside. We named it the Red Dragon. Mind you, I was 11 years old and this restaurant was in our garage with a hot plate. We hand-copied the menus with prices and invited all the kids we knew in our neighborhood. We opened the door and cooked and served up all the food I could find in the fridge, pantry and cupboards. It was a total success! We earned $15 (this was in 1972) and had happy customers too. We tidied up and waited for our mom to come home. But before she did, I had this great idea to take the money to the corner store. When we got there, we didn’t realize that $15 could buy us so many more candies and chips than we had ever bought before. I remember sitting on the curb eating the last of the corn chips and drinking chocolate milk; an unlikely combination, but I savoured it because it was my earnings.

When my mother got home, she went to the pantry to begin making dinner. I remember watching her head swing back and forth, up and down as she asked “where is all the food?” We were so excited to tell her about our venture. We showed her the menus and the branded sandwich board. “Alright” she said, “so where’s the money?” as she held out her hand. Gulp.

We had spent every bit of our profits at that corner store, and then gorged on them.

My mother was raising us by herself. She was the sole income and worked full time to support us. This was near the end of a 3 year period where she had bought us a house and tried her best to manage a mortgage. It hadn’t been going well. I would say in hindsight that those seemed to be the worst 3 financial years of her life. I had no idea of the cares and worries in the world of money, except that we didn’t have any. I also hadn’t learned about profits versus costs. That $15 probably started out as $50 worth of groceries. So much for my entrepreneurial experiences. She sent us to bed without dinner (because the cupboards were empty and there was no more money to buy any until the next paycheck). She was very angry; more than I had ever seen her towards me. I cried myself to sleep and knew I had upset her.

I became very responsible about money. I became aware of my spending and wanted to please my employers wherever I worked. This incident seemed to crush my entrepreneurial spirit, but only for a while. I made some negative decisions about myself and my self trust was guarded. I was a harsh judge of myself after that, being very driven and not satisfied, nor resting on any success I achieved. I would have to say I became better at money than I would have otherwise, even though this incident did some damage to my self esteem because of the conclusions I made and the self-blame I began.

Fast forward 4 decades and although I knew I still had limitations because of that event, I found that I manifested almost anything except more than enough money. It came and went, whether I spent it or saved it. There was always something else to pay or spend on. When I realized that I had no freedom or joy when I spent money, and I had no celebration when I was responsible and disciplined about not spending, I knew it was from this incident. I needed to look at it. First, I hired NLP coach Wayne Donnelly, and in his phone session he worked with me to give me an alternate ending – what I would have done differently, knowing what I learned from it. I knew that I would have still done everything the same, except spend all the money. I would have spent a little and taken the rest home. This exercise freed and validated a part of me, and I began to enjoy both the experience of spending and ‘not spending’.

So later, when I worked through the money relationship visualization, it surprised me to find that ‘stingy’ old man in there. No, wait, he wasn’t stingy. He was my steward of money. He was responsible, diligent, watchful and very helpful. He was just what I had needed. I thanked him. I blessed him. I invited him to have a rest now, and sit back.

I invited more light into that chamber. I added a glass window looking out into green pastures. I invited a new spirit into the room. Delightfully, a gorgeous fairy girl showed up. She had a ring of flowers in her hair and she danced around the chamber. She put a ring of flowers on my steward’s head as he watched her in wonder.

She brought light and laughter into that dark room. I decided to leave them both there together, and that was a good place to start. I added a shop front and made the chamber into a bookstore, with a line of happy customers out the door and over the green hills.

It was lovely and useful to acknowledge and accept myself and balance my relationship to money with full awareness of the lessons and blessings. I highly recommend the visualization. You may find the insights you need to design some new beliefs around money, like I did.

Abundant blessings,


(This article is a reprint as I delete my old wordpress blog and create my own permanent blog here)

Rinse Your Thoughts Daily

Pollution is everywhere! Especially floating energetically through the air and inside your brain. When you think that nasty thought and it surprises you – like “who is inside my head?” don’t assume it originated from you or your memory circuits. Surprisingly you can tell the difference straight away with this command: “Return these thoughts to sender with love.” And if they are not originated by you, they will dissipate. Try it! I learned this command from a simple broadcast of Rikka Zimmerman and was astonished and relieved to know I wasn’t as bad-minded as my thoughts suggested. She actually suggests this question: “Who does this thought belong to?”

It was pollution! Energy pollution (hopefully they won’t find a way to tax that and call it some nonsensical green spin jargon). Oops… maybe that cynical thought isn’t mine [pause...'RTS with love']. Hmmm, the power is gone…

Alright, so anyway, keep rinsing your thoughts, each day, as needed. Maybe your mental sink will be full of dirty dishes to work on, or maybe, like me you will find that they eventually are less frequent and easier to deal with from the new perspective of ownership of movement and sending them through, rather than parking and growing them. Ahhh. Feels better already. And less stinky in there too. :)

Abundant blessings, Lori


How Could I Manifest a Red Butterfly When There is No Such Thing?

I was sitting in the car outside the speaking venue on Friday morning, waiting for the host. I made sure I had plenty of time to get to the breakfast event, since I was the speaker and lived an hour away. Just before leaving earlier that morning I had decided to demonstrate manifesting so I could show the audience fast results. I decided on manifesting something unique. I chose a “red butterfly” even though as far as I knew, there is no such thing in nature. I wrote it down and sealed it in an envelope to prove it was magical and packed up the car. However, it was not meant to be revealed that morning.

The host arrived and I got busy unpacking and meeting people. I had a great time and connected with a lovely audience. I even stayed for a cappuccino with the group and answered many questions. Then I got back into my car and saw — the sealed envelope sitting on the floor of the back seat! I had completely forgotten about my fun demonstration, and no red butterfly had shown up to remind me anyway.

I felt a tinge of disappointment, and also relief that I didn’t make a fool of myself by having a public disappointment. My internal talk invited in doubt and self-judgement, like I was some sort of fraud because I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill on my showy manifesting.

The next day, on Saturday morning my teenage son asked me to drive him to the Oasis shopping mall near the beach. It was unusual for him to ask for this location since we have several other larger indoor malls he would normally choose. As we got into the car I noticed the envelope still sitting there on the floor, reminding me of my arrogance and flaws.

We got near the beach and as we waited at a nearby traffic light, I looked up manifesting red butterflytoward the highrise at the Oasis, and nearly forgot where I was and what I was doing. I looked at the logo on the building that I had visited for over 4 years living on the Gold Coast, and UNbelievably — there was the Red Butterfly! It had been there all along. I had probably noticed that it was a butterfly, but more importantly, I had never noticed that it was RED!
I had to have a witness to this, so I told my son what happened, and as I dropped him off I tore open the sealed envelope and showed him my little handwritten piece of paper with “Red Butterfly” as proof.
It was interesting what this brought up within me, because as I was showing him I had an uncomfortable sense of ‘having to prove it.’

As I pondered the manifestation on the way home, I wondered why I felt I needed to prove something to others? What could I release out of these circumstances and negative feelings? A need to please? Some arrogance?

This wasn’t my mind’s doing – I didn’t subconsciously or consciously create the opportunity;  – I hadn’t decided to take my son there. He asked me spontaneously, and I happily and willingly went along with his request (which ultimately allowed me to notice and receive my intention). Yes, my subconscious would have filed that image away and tuned me into it as we arrived, but a super-conscious connection (Life) created the circumstances for me to receive my intentional experience.

Out of this experience I got a greater humility, rather than a greater arrogance about manifesting.

This was back in 2009, and I don’t play that game any more for the sake of public demonstration. I do play it in private, and encourage you to practice manifesting and play, too. You may find that you can let go of some negative beliefs about yourself and Life. You may discover a new level of positive beliefs (faith) that gives you even more power to your humble connection with your creative source. Or you may just have more fun.
Abundant manifestations,

Lori Mitchell Speed Manifesting Beach Australia

Your Beliefs are your Roadways: Build Them Up or Tear Them Down

You are standing at the cross roads; but this is not a real scene. This is the incessant fight you have between your imagination and your memory. One serves you for a new future. The other serves itself and the survival of the endless loop of emotions you continue to experience.

In confusion they are the very highway you have been driving along in life. Turning forward toward your Intentions (yes, Upper Case “I” – on purpose!) or pulling back into the same old, same old.

Your memory is full of justifications for your current beliefs. Beliefs that form the very structure and foundation of your current reality. Your imagination is your ability to dwell in another possibility for your life. The creation of your desires will be fed from this place. Your new future will be from this place.

When you are ready to move off the circular highway of beliefs and build a new road for your life, look within. Ask great questions. Challenge your current beliefs. Walk down new paths. Turn left, instead of always turning right down your habitual path.

One way to fire up your imagination is by feeding it images of hope, joy and adventure; the stuff that really makes up an abundant life.

Abundant freedom,

How I manifested SNOW in Paradise

I was walking to our weekly farmer’s market and I saw a butterfly on a sign. I smiled because I love manifesting butterflies. It is a favourite game of mine. Then I thought, “ok Lori, you live in subtropical Queensland, Australia and manifesting butterflies could be considered a soft option.”

So I thought – “snow, I will manifest snow!” And then I took it straight back, because I don’t like living in snow. I have lived it, breathed it, and got over it from 26 years in Detroit and Toronto. So I changed my SPEED Manifestation request to ‘the word SNOW’.

Then I started looking for it. I looked at each sign, each advertisement, each license plate. I walked 40 paces and turned a corner into the market. I looked at any word that I saw; ten more paces, turned right into the food stalls, and THERE IT WAS, This is how fast you can manifest. Yes it is this quick:

Upside-down-SNOWSo this is how my SNOW came in beautiful, sunny Queensland, Australia. Can you see it? The only letters that are not reversible upside-down are EL, and the rest spells SNO_W!

I laughed delightedly and my friend the Universe laughed with me as we played this game together.

From “unbearable” to “unreasonably happy”

I just saw this comment on another page and wanted to give you some assistance, if you are challenged right now:
“Life down here getting pretty unbearable.”world swirl

Lori: “It helps to find your appreciation moments – yes life is what it is, sometimes. But you can choose a moment or two to be “unreasonably” in happy appreciation. No past can take that from you in this moment, if you have the momentary thinking space to create from your choice. Not always easy, but worth it!”

Cruising and Speaking around the South Pacific

AfDSC00599ter two days at sea, first stop, The Isle of Pines, New Caledonia (South Pacific). Snorkeling-done. Swimming-done. Eating-done.

cruise workshop

And have already done one talk on the Power of Everyday Words to Change your Life. 60 people came with great attitudes.


Gary and I are finally relaxing and I have my sea-legs with no time wasted, thanks to Kwells and SeaBands wrist strap.

Only another 4 workshops and 10 days of this.DSC00579

I have imagined this many times, and yet it still amazes me and humbles me when I “meet my future.”

DreamsDSC00612 do come true.

Abundant blessings to YOU,


Empty Nest and Lifestyle Cruise

Lifestyle Cruise with P&O We just returned from Sydney after a wonderful 3 day cruise as a guest speaker on P&O’s Lifestyle CruiseCruise sunset (Click to see details on Lifestyle Cruise Speakers program guide). It was a wonderful experience to be giving workshops on SPEED Manifesting™ and “The Attitude of Gratitude” to an appreciative and receptive audience. P&O were wonderful sponsors and hosts to me and my husband. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to show up and do the seminar while they did the promotion, technology and organization. The crew were fantastic, and the Entertainment Director and team made me feel like a VIP every step of the way.Sydney Opera House with Lori on Cruise

I loved it so much that I said yes to another 14 day cruise to Fiji and the Pacific Islands in two weeks. So my life has been moving quickly as we also just renovated and moved back to our original villa home, and my oldest son moved out to Brisbane. Empty Nest..Literally!We have left the place almost empty of furniture until we get back in March and choose a new lounge suite. It’s so different now, and I feel like Life is organizing me for freedom and flow.

So in March you’ll see the new schedule for online teleclasses and a local VisionBoard Workshop. I will keep you posted. Talk soon.


Fast Results from VisionBoarding

VisionBoardsWork! Manifesting a Cruise-Sydney

I promote and strongly recommend that you do a VisionBoard for your year or season’s intentions. I have one inside my diaryplanner, and displayed in my office, where I spend the most time.

Something very special just happened yesterday from this visionboard cutout. It was up for the last couple of months. Suddenly, I got a call out of the blue to offer a guest speaker cruise! In 3 weeks my husband and I are flying to Sydney to cruise and speak at a 3 day lifestyle cruising seminar!! Thankyou Roseline Deleu for recommending me!!! #speedmanifestingWorks! Check out Roseline’s FengShui First Steps on

And when will you be taking time to create a VisionBoard for yourself? Click here to check out my Guide to running your own VisionBoard Workshops for others. Available for download on Amazon.

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell

8 Symptoms that you have Mastered Your Life

Sunset AustraliaWhen you really begin to master your life, you will notice some unique symptoms. They sneak up on you really. You don’t just ‘arrive’ at Mastery. It is a gradual and sometimes jagged path. But if you are finally holding onto the progress of your own life path, here are some feedback clues:

1. You have moved from doing to being.
2. Money flows easily when you require it.
3. You wake up and smile with love and appreciation for another day.
4. You speak only good or you don’t speak at all.
5. You are an observer of your own personality and life.
6. You have a heart connection to the Source of your aliveness, breath and life..
7. You have a daily focus time on imagination more than reality.
8. You see other people as possibilities and encourage them.

Even if you notice some of these, and not always consistently, you can acknowledge yourself and your awareness.

Be thankful for noticing the joy when it is there. You are doing great, wherever you are on your JOYurney.

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell, SPEED Manifesting(TM)

Q&A about the Key to SPEED

Here is a question and my reply to clarify the Key to SPEED and how to apply it:

“Hello Lori. This part is a bit of a challenge. So what we should be doing is
1) Looking at our surroundings
2) Imagine a better version of it in the future
3) perhaps say some uplifting words like “ah how wonderful would it be if when I look at my bank statement I would see a large amount of money in my account, perhaps a couple millions in there :D”
4) Imagine this future moment becoming linked to here and now(?)

Not quite sure about that last step! Could you clarify a bit further please?
I’m so grateful for your interest and responses, I plan on researching that method you mentioned (I love you.. I forgive you etc.).
A warm hug and blessings for the new year, Lori :).”

REPLY: “Hi Cristian, thanks for asking for clarity. I would flip it around when you get to the Key: imagine yourself in a general sense in the future, at the end of a well-lived life!
THEN as you are standing/sitting there, ponder the MEMORY of the time you accomplished your goal with satisfaction. Feel the joy and gratitude of completion. Be the person who already has seen that lifestyle/dream/goal occur. I will rephrase your wonderful affirmation more powerfully for you: “ah how wonderful it is when I look at my bank statement and see a large amount of money in my account, even a couple million in there :D”

Abundant blessings, Lori

Lori Mitchell


5 Signs That You Are Awakening

At the beginning of Awakening, we hardly notice that anything is happening. But in hindsight we can clearly see a pattern that applied to us, and is applying to others. Here are 5 observations to check whether you are Awakening:

1. You get bored with superficial conversations.

2. You notice that it’s pointless to yell at the TV.

3. You begin to notice that you don’t care as much whether the red team or the blue team wins.

4. There are more moments where you have a pause button on your reactions.

5. Meaningful, uncanny coincidences begin to show up more often.

The journey to Awakening has many symptoms, but it begins with some subtle changes that take you out of the pre-programmed beliefs as you begin to see that there is more to life than what you have seen before.

wishIf this is you, it may be time to write a new Wish List for your life, from a deliciously fresh and increasingly wider perspective.

Good timing, being New Year and all!

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell

Want Wealth? Ask Yourself a Question

If it is wealth you are looking to manifest, get in line! Many people come to me wanting more wealth, more money or just to be abundantly rich, and Imoneybag am so pleased they have! People LIKE YOU need to be wealthy so that you can consciously direct the currency toward a New Earth.

Start with yourself in your own spoken words:

Get aligned to it. Feel it. Be it, in your thoughts. Accept yourself totally inside that desire. Use a simple affirmation that gets you in the mood for receiving wealth.

Start out with a question, such as “How did I get to be so rich?”

Does that feel great? Now, feel the excitement of meeting yourself in that moment of time.

Use this affirmation and you’ll get clarity, ideas, inspirations, random thoughts of things to do, places to go, people to see. Write down a wish list and a take action list.

Get rich, really! Then go play! And use it for expansion of all that you love; things, experiences, relationships, feelings.


If it is wealth you are looking to manifest, you could add some emotive words with a question, such as “How did I get to be so wealthy?” and feel the excitement of meeting yourself in that moment of time.

Thank you for the iTunes Radio reviews…

Thank you to those who are commenting on iTunes for my Radio Show. I appreciate you very much!

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“Manifestation compus”

by Vicky Van

Your program is practical yet insperational. A heartfelt thank you for being so real, and sincere.

“Really works!!!”

by Marabutterfly

Thank you Lori Mitchell for sharing. These podcasts have been such a blessing to me. My life is becoming more and more of what I want it to be everyday. Your mesages reach me, they are easy to understand and follow. Lori you seem like a real person and I appreciate hearing examples of how Speed Manifesting works in your life.

“Great delivery”

by Scottm66 Thank you Lori I enjoy and learn (relearn) from the way you deliver your great message. Highly recomended!!!
Thanks again
abundant blessings


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