Daily Makeup Tutorial Like You’ve Never Seen

As I watch the new generation of young women express themselves, I recognize the freedom of expression and fun they carry.  It is great to sit back and allow them to be themselves – even if it is different from my gen.

However, what I also notice is the ease they have with Universal principles, and personal thinking inspiration.

These chicks are smart and cute and sexy and fun.

I guarantee that by 45 seconds in, you’ll be hooked. Thank you to Anna Akana for this inspirational video. It’s not what you think it is.

Abundant possibilities,

Going Against Your Tide: struggles between subconscious habits and choice

Do you blame, invalidate or diminish yourself when you fail to change a habit? You have the intention & you truly wish to start on a new path.
But then you slip into old habits, or swing wildly back into worse habits.
When you know how your human design works, you can go easier on yourself during the process of change. Try this:
Using the diagram, read the colour, not the word.

Photo: read the colors, not the word...Feel the struggle? Even if you can do it slowly, it is an effort; a conscious-choice exercise. Your playback memory is programmed to read letters-to-words. And that is the seat of your subconscious.

So, just relax and get back on track if you have fallen off the path.
It’s a normal part of the process of forming new habits!
Eventually, you’ll do your daily manifesting habits just as easily as your old habits. Refresh yourself, then have another go at doing daily actions like: 3gratitudes© journal, daily imagining times or writing down what you want.

Abundant possibilities to you! ~Lori

My Loss was His Gain

I got a message from a coaching client: he couldn’t make his scheduled appointment with me. He apologized profusely and explained that he had several customer bookings and needed our time slot to fit them in.

Was I disappointed? Was I upset or annoyed?

No way! Our coaching together was about his fledgling start-up business. But we weren’t just working on increasing his income; it was about paying his rent and feeding his family!

We had been going over good foundations for a small business, including the Purpose of Business and the four categories of marketing  activities. He has a great attitude and already knew many of the principles, but now with the mindset, strategies and foundation I teach for money manifesting.

However, I think the big breakthrough came from using the new SpeedShifting(tm) technique in several areas. Wow. So happy for him and feeling grateful that this technique has come together. I have been asking Life – God – the Universe – for a technique that would apply to anyone and would remove limiting beliefs, blocks and barriers quickly. I know that it has come as a gift, directly from my asking and willingness to search, try and refine that intention. My previous coaching clients have been using a variety of methods, but now I use this one. It works. Amazingly. And Fast. Every person I work with is saying exactly that.

If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, you can either join the next 28 day Challenge with a Ruby90 day Transformation membership, or contact me for a 30 minute SpeedShifting(tm) session. That would  be like a personal laser focus on knocking over your limiting beliefs. You’ll be experiencing this one on one as I guide you through the 3 parts of it to finally release the limit. It’s like a guided visualization through your belief.

You may be one of the people saying “oh yeah, I did that in the early days; I was one of the first!”

I hope so. It’d be cool to create some breakthroughs and release your blocks to manifesting what you want.


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