Your Beliefs are your Roadways: Build Them Up or Tear Them Down

You are standing at the cross roads; but this is not a real scene. This is the incessant fight you have between your imagination and your memory. One serves you for a new future. The other serves itself and the survival of the endless loop of emotions you continue to experience.

In confusion they are the very highway you have been driving along in life. Turning forward toward your Intentions (yes, Upper Case “I” – on purpose!) or pulling back into the same old, same old.

Your memory is full of justifications for your current beliefs. Beliefs that form the very structure and foundation of your current reality. Your imagination is your ability to dwell in another possibility for your life. The creation of your desires will be fed from this place. Your new future will be from this place.

When you are ready to move off the circular highway of beliefs and build a new road for your life, look within. Ask great questions. Challenge your current beliefs. Walk down new paths. Turn left, instead of always turning right down your habitual path.

One way to fire up your imagination is by feeding it images of hope, joy and adventure; the stuff that really makes up an abundant life.

Abundant freedom,

How I manifested SNOW in Paradise

I was walking to our weekly farmer’s market and I saw a butterfly on a sign. I smiled because I love manifesting butterflies. It is a favourite game of mine. Then I thought, “ok Lori, you live in subtropical Queensland, Australia and manifesting butterflies could be considered a soft option.”

So I thought – “snow, I will manifest snow!” And then I took it straight back, because I don’t like living in snow. I have lived it, breathed it, and got over it from 26 years in Detroit and Toronto. So I changed my SPEED Manifestation request to ‘the word SNOW’.

Then I started looking for it. I looked at each sign, each advertisement, each license plate. I walked 40 paces and turned a corner into the market. I looked at any word that I saw; ten more paces, turned right into the food stalls, and THERE IT WAS, This is how fast you can manifest. Yes it is this quick:

Upside-down-SNOWSo this is how my SNOW came in beautiful, sunny Queensland, Australia. Can you see it? The only letters that are not reversible upside-down are EL, and the rest spells SNO_W!

I laughed delightedly and my friend the Universe laughed with me as we played this game together.

“Now that I have everything, I know what everything’s for.” Fiddler on the Roof lyrics

"Now that I have everything, I know what everything's for." Fiddler on the Roof lyrics

“Now that I have everything, I know what everything’s for.” Fiddler on the Roof lyrics

From “unbearable” to “unreasonably happy”

I just saw this comment on another page and wanted to give you some assistance, if you are challenged right now:
“Life down here getting pretty unbearable.”world swirl

Lori: “It helps to find your appreciation moments – yes life is what it is, sometimes. But you can choose a moment or two to be “unreasonably” in happy appreciation. No past can take that from you in this moment, if you have the momentary thinking space to create from your choice. Not always easy, but worth it!”

Cruising and Speaking around the South Pacific

AfDSC00599ter two days at sea, first stop, The Isle of Pines, New Caledonia (South Pacific). Snorkeling-done. Swimming-done. Eating-done.

cruise workshop

And have already done one talk on the Power of Everyday Words to Change your Life. 60 people came with great attitudes.


Gary and I are finally relaxing and I have my sea-legs with no time wasted, thanks to Kwells and SeaBands wrist strap.

Only another 4 workshops and 10 days of this.DSC00579

I have imagined this many times, and yet it still amazes me and humbles me when I “meet my future.”

DreamsDSC00612 do come true.

Abundant blessings to YOU,


Empty Nest and Lifestyle Cruise

Lifestyle Cruise with P&O We just returned from Sydney after a wonderful 3 day cruise as a guest speaker on P&O’s Lifestyle CruiseCruise sunset (Click to see details on Lifestyle Cruise Speakers program guide). It was a wonderful experience to be giving workshops on SPEED Manifesting™ and “The Attitude of Gratitude” to an appreciative and receptive audience. P&O were wonderful sponsors and hosts to me and my husband. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to show up and do the seminar while they did the promotion, technology and organization. The crew were fantastic, and the Entertainment Director and team made me feel like a VIP every step of the way.Sydney Opera House with Lori on Cruise

I loved it so much that I said yes to another 14 day cruise to Fiji and the Pacific Islands in two weeks. So my life has been moving quickly as we also just renovated and moved back to our original villa home, and my oldest son moved out to Brisbane. Empty Nest..Literally!We have left the place almost empty of furniture until we get back in March and choose a new lounge suite. It’s so different now, and I feel like Life is organizing me for freedom and flow.

So in March you’ll see the new schedule for online teleclasses and a local VisionBoard Workshop. I will keep you posted. Talk soon.


Fast Results from VisionBoarding

VisionBoardsWork! Manifesting a Cruise-Sydney

I promote and strongly recommend that you do a VisionBoard for your year or season’s intentions. I have one inside my diaryplanner, and displayed in my office, where I spend the most time.

Something very special just happened yesterday from this visionboard cutout. It was up for the last couple of months. Suddenly, I got a call out of the blue to offer a guest speaker cruise! In 3 weeks my husband and I are flying to Sydney to cruise and speak at a 3 day lifestyle cruising seminar!! Thankyou Roseline Deleu for recommending me!!! #speedmanifestingWorks! Check out Roseline’s FengShui First Steps on

And when will you be taking time to create a VisionBoard for yourself? Click here to check out my Guide to running your own VisionBoard Workshops for others. Available for download on Amazon.

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell

8 Symptoms that you have Mastered Your Life

Sunset AustraliaWhen you really begin to master your life, you will notice some unique symptoms. They sneak up on you really. You don’t just ‘arrive’ at Mastery. It is a gradual and sometimes jagged path. But if you are finally holding onto the progress of your own life path, here are some feedback clues:

1. You have moved from doing to being.
2. Money flows easily when you require it.
3. You wake up and smile with love and appreciation for another day.
4. You speak only good or you don’t speak at all.
5. You are an observer of your own personality and life.
6. You have a heart connection to the Source of your aliveness, breath and life..
7. You have a daily focus time on imagination more than reality.
8. You see other people as possibilities and encourage them.

Even if you notice some of these, and not always consistently, you can acknowledge yourself and your awareness.

Be thankful for noticing the joy when it is there. You are doing great, wherever you are on your JOYurney.

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell, SPEED Manifesting(TM)

Q&A about the Key to SPEED

Here is a question and my reply to clarify the Key to SPEED and how to apply it:

“Hello Lori. This part is a bit of a challenge. So what we should be doing is
1) Looking at our surroundings
2) Imagine a better version of it in the future
3) perhaps say some uplifting words like “ah how wonderful would it be if when I look at my bank statement I would see a large amount of money in my account, perhaps a couple millions in there :D”
4) Imagine this future moment becoming linked to here and now(?)

Not quite sure about that last step! Could you clarify a bit further please?
I’m so grateful for your interest and responses, I plan on researching that method you mentioned (I love you.. I forgive you etc.).
A warm hug and blessings for the new year, Lori :).”

REPLY: “Hi Cristian, thanks for asking for clarity. I would flip it around when you get to the Key: imagine yourself in a general sense in the future, at the end of a well-lived life!
THEN as you are standing/sitting there, ponder the MEMORY of the time you accomplished your goal with satisfaction. Feel the joy and gratitude of completion. Be the person who already has seen that lifestyle/dream/goal occur. I will rephrase your wonderful affirmation more powerfully for you: “ah how wonderful it is when I look at my bank statement and see a large amount of money in my account, even a couple million in there :D”

Abundant blessings, Lori

Lori Mitchell


5 Signs That You Are Awakening

At the beginning of Awakening, we hardly notice that anything is happening. But in hindsight we can clearly see a pattern that applied to us, and is applying to others. Here are 5 observations to check whether you are Awakening:

1. You get bored with superficial conversations.

2. You notice that it’s pointless to yell at the TV.

3. You begin to notice that you don’t care as much whether the red team or the blue team wins.

4. There are more moments where you have a pause button on your reactions.

5. Meaningful, uncanny coincidences begin to show up more often.

The journey to Awakening has many symptoms, but it begins with some subtle changes that take you out of the pre-programmed beliefs as you begin to see that there is more to life than what you have seen before.

wishIf this is you, it may be time to write a new Wish List for your life, from a deliciously fresh and increasingly wider perspective.

Good timing, being New Year and all!

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell

Read your future for 2014

If you were wearing a Tshirt predicting your future what would it say????

If you were wearing a Tshirt with TWO or THREE words describing who you are becoming for 2014 , what would yours say?

The future is yours. Claim it!

Blessings for the New Year! ~ Lori

Happy New Year 2014!

Comment below so we can all be inspired:

Want Wealth? Ask Yourself a Question

If it is wealth you are looking to manifest, get in line! Many people come to me wanting more wealth, more money or just to be abundantly rich, and Imoneybag am so pleased they have! People LIKE YOU need to be wealthy so that you can consciously direct the currency toward a New Earth.

Start with yourself in your own spoken words:

Get aligned to it. Feel it. Be it, in your thoughts. Accept yourself totally inside that desire. Use a simple affirmation that gets you in the mood for receiving wealth.

Start out with a question, such as “How did I get to be so rich?”

Does that feel great? Now, feel the excitement of meeting yourself in that moment of time.

Use this affirmation and you’ll get clarity, ideas, inspirations, random thoughts of things to do, places to go, people to see. Write down a wish list and a take action list.

Get rich, really! Then go play! And use it for expansion of all that you love; things, experiences, relationships, feelings.


If it is wealth you are looking to manifest, you could add some emotive words with a question, such as “How did I get to be so wealthy?” and feel the excitement of meeting yourself in that moment of time.

SPEED Manifesting Speedbook just hit TOP#100

So thrilled and grateful to wake up this morning to find my Kindle book just hit the TOP#100 on Amazon!!

Thank you so much for believing, sharing and enjoying!



Thank you for the iTunes Radio reviews…

Thank you to those who are commenting on iTunes for my Radio Show. I appreciate you very much!

To go to iTunes show click here now

“Manifestation compus”

by Vicky Van

Your program is practical yet insperational. A heartfelt thank you for being so real, and sincere.

“Really works!!!”

by Marabutterfly

Thank you Lori Mitchell for sharing. These podcasts have been such a blessing to me. My life is becoming more and more of what I want it to be everyday. Your mesages reach me, they are easy to understand and follow. Lori you seem like a real person and I appreciate hearing examples of how Speed Manifesting works in your life.

“Great delivery”

by Scottm66 Thank you Lori I enjoy and learn (relearn) from the way you deliver your great message. Highly recomended!!!
Thanks again
abundant blessings


Beliefs Are There To Protect You

“Beliefs are there to protect you. Not to hold you back, but to hold you safe.” Lori MitchellBeliefsHoldSafe

When you ask Life a question, Life MUST answer…

askLifeBeachSunriseDragonOrangewww[corner-ad id=1]

Hope and Optimism for my life…

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Life’s Forecast:

manifesting joy with rainbows of inspiration

Another word for G_D

speed manifesting inspiration

Endless possibilities of…

Endless JOY of manifesting future

There is no manual for our times…

“There is no manual for our times. We are now in uncharted territory and our future depends on being comfortable in insecurity, being willing to live in new possibilities and being clear on what’s important to us as individual Human Beings. We are independent thinking, yet we are connected to each other.” ~Lori

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