You Are Not Manifesting Alone

When I heard him say “I manifested this; I manifested that” I stopped to listen carefully.

He was telling me and others about his skills and prowess at learning how to create and call forth the great things in his imagination, and it was true that it was working; his results showed it.

But since I was one of the people that helped him on his way to creating some of these manifestations, it took me aback by the way he claimed he alone had created ALL of it. He gave a cursory thanks to “The Universe” but he completely blocked out the delivery source of all of his blessings – other people.

At that moment I realized that I HAVE TO drive this point home with each seminar, workshop, blog and book:

You are not doing the manifesting!

You are doing the asking … and then the receiving.

There is nothing you get to enjoy in civilization that hasn’t been created from the continuous and compounding efforts of human beings – ancestors – before you. Ancient and enduring cultures know this and they still give thanks for their ancestors – the people who have contributed to what they have now.

And this holds true for your current life – the people in your relationships, the colleagues and clients at your work, the family that challenges you, the companion that forces you to be more, do more or have more. Recognize this with silent thanks and words of praise, acknowledgement and appreciation.

Give gratitude to those who deliver the impulses of Life/God/Source Energy! Yes be grateful to the Universal Source of all Life, and then please remember to praise where it’s due. Because without others, we have NO success.

p.s. I thank the client who taught me this so I could remind you and many others how to keep the momentum of manifesting happening.

Abundant possibilities,



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