Yes You Know What You Want, But…

It’s one thing to know what you want. It’s another to stop there because of your “but…” conversation. You may not even realise that’s what’s delaying your manifestation. I just recently answered a comment on the 7 Days Video course and here is my response to someone waiting for over a year while visualising his dream lifestyle and clearly knowing what he wants:

Hi Andrew, thanks for the background details, they help me in understanding your question fully. YES! Let go now. To your mind it may feel like giving up or moving on, but you are 100% right that the Universe is being ‘interrupted’ from moving things toward you as you continually keep visualising. It’s a fine line though: It’s a combination of visualising WITH the emotion of what it feels like to live in that life, everyday. I think maybe you haven’t yet fully aligned inside to allowing yourself to receive it. That’s not a critism, though. It takes a couple of quick conversations or ‘communes within’ to ask yourself some questions about what it would feel like to live on a beautiful beach every day of your life and be happy there. “Am I willing to have that life every day?” “What is the flavour (feeling) of my life in that dream?” THEN notice what negatives are still floating around about the possibilities of YOU being in that life. Sometimes we don’t realise that we aren’t ready to receive because there are other relationships, family obligations or opinions, perceived complications still lingering within our ideal life image. Be brave enough to look at what you’ve made it mean to live that life.

I am telling you this because recently when I asked for Ease & Grace, Peace & Prosperity – two things came up – fear of boredom, and needing to work diligently to deserve it before it comes. So I tried on boredom, and saw – for the first time – this constant, nagging restlessness within me. Since restlessness doesn’t equal peace, and fear of boredom kept me from what I wanted, I CHOSE. I chose powerfully, emotionally, and dropped the old chains that had been driving my personality. Then it allowed me to ALIGN within to what I truly wanted: Ease & Grace, Peace & Prosperity. Harmony. I could FEEL the difference as a YES inside.

Then each night I wrote 3 things to appreciate 1.Past 2.Present 3.Future. My Future thanks was in the past tense, and I repeated the same one each night: “Thank you for my ease and grace, peace and prosperity, health and vitality, fun and laughter. It took about 2-3 weeks, during which time my life fell apart, in order to fall together into exactly that.

Hope that helps you allow your wildest dreams into your daily life.

Remember to go beyond imagining with emotion and look at the “but…” voice that may be waiting for encouragement to let go.

Abundant blessings of riches to you, Lori


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4 Replies to “Yes You Know What You Want, But…”

  1. Thank you, Lori, for this wonderful insight letting me feel on the track even though it looks as if I’m going the totally wrong way (I still feel I’m going towards my goals). Abundance and happiness to you, always!

  2. Dear Lori,

    Your post above is the direct answer to my question (though, unasked, but definitely present) at the moment. Thank you so much for delivering the answers of Universe through sharing your insights. And for the 7 steps also. All the blessings to you.

  3. Dear Lori, thank you to bring to our awareness that to welcome our dream, we have to be in gratitude and also we need to let go of the ‘old’… when you mentioned that your life went appart it was (at the end of the day) a positive step towards welcoming the new! Thank you for sharing.

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