V for Values

Standing on the pier, looking across the water she realized this relationship would never work. It wasn’t for lack of love. There was huge, passionate, deep love here. It was simple but sad. She had chosen him, but he had never chosen her – not fully, anyway. He loves her, she knows, but in his own way, as a very self-absorbed man who thought love was a feeling, with behaviours that only suited him. She knew she had given tolerance and tried to understand their differences – beyond what was reasonable, for too long.

If only she had gone slower. If only she had looked at the values that they didn’t share, as well as the one’s they did. “How can I do this better next time?”

She thought about what was good and what was missing, and that helped her get clear on requirements: playfulness, laughter, honesty, transparency, trust, respect, fairness, consideration, tenacity, loyalty, tolerance, self-discipline, contribution, orderliness, generousity, presence. Are these even possible to ask for? “It is what I want, but also what I give.”

Does this sound familiar?

How would you like to get into a relationship with your eyes wide open, informed by a lifetime of actions driven by similar basic values?

The answer to harmony is the compatibility.

Compatibility comes from shared, overlapping primary values.

Whether it is a love relationship, a family or a work environment, the quality of your life is totally dependent on choosing who you spend the most time with.

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