The Two Sides to Manifesting

Life is two sided as you master manifesting. 1. Being in Flow and 2. Getting Challenges. The Flow feels great. Things are coming to you. It’s easy to feel joyful and happy. You are focused and on track for achieving your dreams, desires and wants.

Challenges come to let us know it is time to grow. We hit our heads against the ceiling; we cannot squeeze into our old shoes any more. Look at Challenges as a signal to fully experience the bad feelings surrounding the challenge, and then let it go. Once you fully experience the feelings, they go; forever. Period. Then we are onto our new level of life and we are back in Flow again.

No need to beat yourself up because you are not perfect yet. That is a myth. You never actually arrive. There are always more mountains to climb. Enjoy the plateaus for the restfulness, and be happy for how far you have come.

I know it is not easy to deal with the difficulties of life’s circumstances. But if you can view them as a gift of learning and growing then let go of the bad feelings, you are well on your way to more Flow, more fun, more joy. And this can happen immediately no matter what your challenge.

Abundance, Lori



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