The Universe Rewards Urgency

With only one day to start the next 28 Day Challenge I am amazed how many people are coming on board now, in the last 24 hours of sign up. Procrastination is something different, because this feels like people making DECISIONS powerfully in the NOW. It’s like they got to that place where they say “ENOUGH”. I have been there, and I have also been in procrastination. The difference is one small step. But the feeling is light-years away.

I live in the moment most of the time. For me, it has not been a transformation. I have always found it easier to do what was in front of me rather than planning for a month or a year ahead. My imagination is strong and I dwell in a future imagination but it is a discipline to write lists and complete tasks ahead of a sense of urgency in the NOW.

With the Law of Attraction always at work, that is why I attract people like me, mostly. The good news is I can help those people because I can move them into using the NOW to faster manifesting.

Looking forward to working closer with you in the NOW.

Abundance to you,

p.s. this Challenge completes on 14th February, so I expect there will be many people with the Intention to attract-a-lover. LOL


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