Speed Manifesting and Self Love

Imagine if someone asked this: “how can i attract love back when my mind is filled with all the things that went wrong? As well as not loving how I look. when I know that the best way to attract love into our lives is by loving ourselves first. It may seem straight forward to all of you. but it is not to me. I am overweight and I hate it and unable to change it because of medicines. Help” This is a real plea I received from someone very low in life, and here is my answer….

selfLoveIn the context of SPEED Manifesting,™ we use a specific simple way of working on one intention with a process that allows you to realize your desire. Your current circumstances have nothing to do with the next reality. If you change only a few things moving forward, all possibilities in ‘the future’ shift to new possibilities. It all starts with our thinking. It is frustrating to have a condition of our life that persists even though we don’t want it to be there.

loveheartcloudFor you, your message is this: you already have the full capacity to love yourself, because you have the desire to. You are currently experiencing ‘not loving myself’ so that you can fully appreciate what it means to unabashedly love yourself, your body, your hair, your skin and your eyes – windows to your soul. You are a beautiful magnificent creature, more than worthy of your own love. You can release your judgement of yourself when you truly release judgements of others, and that path comes through forgiveness. That is, forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of the domination from others in their lost search for meaning and significance. They are sorry that they hurt you, and thankful for your allowing them to find this. And the same goes for you. Tomorrow is about you, not them, though. Let them go, then start here:

1. Write down a clear statement of what you want – “I love myself fully. I am love in every cell of my body”

2. Imagine with Emotion – form a picture in your mind of a beautiful, vital, vibrant you doing what you love in joy and bliss. Draw it; paint it, speak it to yourself, whatever works best to stir up the feelings of acceptance.

LoveHeartSeaUrchins3. Feel Gratitude – each morning wake up and choose a couple things that you are so happy to have – find the good in something in your life and replace the old mind with new thoughts. Give your old mind new orders to follow. Tonight before you go to bed, Ask the Universe for the strength and love you need to fulfill this and start it tomorrow morning.

SelfLoveInIce4. Think deliberately – about this one intention. Stay focused on it in your thoughts like a laser. When your mind wanders back to the bad thoughts, go to gratitude and repeat your Intention “I am learning to love myself fully and that feels better every day.”

5. Beware the Power and Poison of Words – Listen to yourself. If you catch yourself complaining or discussing your current unwanted circumstances, know that you are recreating them by speaking them. Stop yourself each time you begin to speak about them and change your conversation – dynamically.

6. Take Action – act like a person would, who loves their body and themselves. Be self centered. It’s ok to put yourself first. Ask for what you want, with gentleness and love. Act out being a loving person to yourself and to others.

7. Circulate for Abundance – an increase of love means circulating and releasing love to allow it in. Give love to others; give a smile to those who do not give to you. Call a friend that you haven’t called in a while and give them the time to talk about them, not you. Release all that is unused in your home and that will allow more to come in, in all areas.

The love you attract is already here waiting for you. Your angels love you just as you are. They see your struggle and know you are doing the best you can. They do not need your acknowledgement or love. They just love you, because you exist as you are.

You are an awesome physical spirit with a strength that overwhelms you but when you fall in love with YOU, you are going to see how awesome your directed love exists as NOW.

p.s. the love hearts above are for some fun self-love at-cha!



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