Leaving behind Planet Carbo – Beginner’s Keto

Making the switch to a low-carb life is a series of changes.

Your Keto Coach
Before – circa 1982

Planet Carbo – that place is a tortuous hellfire experience of diets, starvation, food shame, body shame, poor health, and disappointment. I can relate. Although I have been at my sustained current weight pretty much since 1983, I have watched the people around me struggle with yo-yo dieting. My turning point was two-fold. But I didn’t realise the full reason until 2020. Success is being guided in What you eat, and When you eat. It’s an education process. Then it becomes a journey to living life, with new attitudes to food, dieting, shopping, preparing and eating. You get to focus on REAL LIFE, on relationships, laughter, love and gratitude.

If you’re looking for Beginners Keto, or learning success secrets of a real Keto diet, if you’ve tried everything else, it’s time for a coach. Contact me. We’ll talk first. You’ll get to understand what it’s like to work together. Let me show you. 10 weeks. That’s what I ask to put you on a rocket ship and transport you to a different planet. You will leave behind Planet Carbo. But it will be worth it. You’ll be surprised how satisfying and delicious your new options will be.

I would love to hear from you. +61 405 007 977 I live on the Gold Coast of Australia. Paradise. Let’s Zoom!

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