Rinse Your Thoughts Daily

Pollution is everywhere! Especially floating energetically through the air and inside your brain. When you think that nasty thought and it surprises you – like “who is inside my head?” don’t assume it originated from you or your memory circuits. Surprisingly you can tell the difference straight away with this command: “Return these thoughts to sender with love.” And if they are not originated by you, they will dissipate. Try it! I learned this command from a simple broadcast of Rikka Zimmerman and was astonished and relieved to know I wasn’t as bad-minded as my thoughts suggested. She actually suggests this question: “Who does this thought belong to?”

It was pollution! Energy pollution (hopefully they won’t find a way to tax that and call it some nonsensical green spin jargon). Oops… maybe that cynical thought isn’t mine [pause…’RTS with love’]. Hmmm, the power is gone…

Alright, so anyway, keep rinsing your thoughts, each day, as needed. Maybe your mental sink will be full of dirty dishes to work on, or maybe, like me you will find that they eventually are less frequent and easier to deal with from the new perspective of ownership of movement and sending them through, rather than parking and growing them. Ahhh. Feels better already. And less stinky in there too. 🙂

Abundant blessings, Lori



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