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“This book is awesome and is full of wonderful information and things we can do to change our lives.” ~Rosemary Burns

“Lori has the capacity to explain complex matters and subjects in a very simple and clear way. She can demonstrate that something that could be considered distant and abstract is right at our hand. We only have to work towards that.” Jose

“Lori presents as a person who lives her beliefs and is an example of what she writes about and teaches. Lori is the real deal and I recommend that anyone who is searching for answers in this area of life would benefit.” Wayne Donnelly

“Wonderful to finally meet Lori, she has been a great inspiration to me and has helped me to see where I block myself and how to overcome it.” Margret Pryce

” I am a strong advocate of Lori’s Book ‘Speed Manifesting’, and to have Lori in person sharing her wisdom is an opportunity not to be missed.” Ian Parkin

“Lori is gentle, kind, honest, humorous, welcoming and inspiring and she has so much knowledge. Lori presents information in such a way that it is easily understood, applied and utilised. Really grateful for her insight and for wisdom.” Janiece

I’ve been utterly blessed and had absolutely amazing and really significant positive changes in my life since reading this book and putting it into action. Lori is incredible at taking the complexities and making them simple and easy for anyone to incorporate into daily life. You MUST read this book if you wantanything to change in your life…starting with you.” Corinne Reynolds

“Lori has amazing insight into the Universal Laws & is a gifted manifestor & motivator! As an author she breaks it all down simply for the reader. Its a great book & i love the 7 steps to Abundance! The 7 steps really motivated me at a time of despair & personal loss. Speed Manifesting helps me to get back on track, when I’ve drifted back into old habits of worry or self doubt or when I unintentionally focus on what i dont want, rather than what i do want! I highly recommend Lori Mitchells book!”  Diana Morton

“I just came across your channel and I just wanna say thank you 🙂 you have made me understand more about manifesting. I didn’t quite understand how to work it but your videos help a lot :)” ~Melanie~  (youtube)

“It’s because of your book, I manifested a raise, and I also manifested other things, I think of the universe several times a day, too. It works.” Rhonda 

“I belong to Wealth Beyond Reason with Bob Doyle and found Speed Manifesting as a download. It is the best book I have read on manifesting and Lori, your generous spirit comes across and has deeply touched my life. Thank you so much!” Cherry

“I love the way Lori is so grounded and pragmatic. She is a fabulous teacher and provides a little bit of structure to the group which keeps it focused each meeting. Love that!!! ” Tigg


“I have heard Lori speak at a retreat I attended recently. Loved the simplicity and the motivation I felt.” Jill
“I met Lori a little while ago and what a beautiful, dynamic lady she is!” Andrea Irwin
“Lori is so balanced and so willing to share her knowledge and time, always encouraging towards helping everyone to create wealth in their lives.” Lynne Huriya
“Lori has a real talent for emparting knowledge so that the participants really get the message. John Toomey



 Amazon Review
 Never Mind the Secret, Read This Book!, March 13, 2010
By R. Straw(MO United States) –
This review is from: SPEED Manifesting: 7 Steps to Abundance NOW (Paperback)

I never understood, or maybe I was beyond The Secret, after spending a week with Sonia Choquette’s training for Sixth Sensory Practitioner. I had seen “Speed Manifesting” online, and it caught my eye. I wondered, how in the world can someone manifest quickly? How in the world can this be done? And,I bought the book.
Lori covers the universal laws, Belief systems, Forming beliefs, Changing beliefs, balanced wealth, attracting money in section one.In section 2, she covers the 7 steps to abundance in great detail, dissecting each step, and breaking down each steps to smaller steps. For example, Step 7 is Start Circulating. In this step, she breaks it down to: Giving versus trading, Tithing, Allowing and receiving, Trading for love, Circulating with people and ideas, Good steward of money, Compete or create?. Then, there’s section 3. It includes everything else.
The beginning of Speed Manifesting, Lori tells an extraordinary story about golfing. This explains how people allow their thoughts to defeat them. Her life from Detroit to New Zealand travels the reader through Canada as well, and the devastating loss of her stepfather. Her family became more and more in lack of money. They were to the brink of loosing everything they owned. Then, Lori began using this system, “Speed Manifesting”, and it worked. Little by little, her and her family’s life turned around. Everything she manifested, she received in one way or another.
Lori knows how to use the Law of Attraction, and is teaching others a technique that works. I’ve used Lori’s Speed Manifesting technique for my own needs, and did every step of the book, and it turned my own life around. Everything I asked for, I received in one way or another. I still use these techniques. I admire people who understand the Law of Attraction, and I admire Lori. This book is life changing. I swear by it.

“Hi Lori, You are Awesome!Your clarity, your wisdom, and you peacefulness has been a great blessing to me. I enjoy and look forward to these late night videos that I practice before I go to sleep.
“Thank You!” Gwen

“Lori Mitchell really knows her stuff – a fabulous teacher with a wealth of wisdom and an absolute joy to be around.” Jacki


” I attended the retreat at Tallai and heard you speak on Speed Manifesting. You have inspired me to think more closely about how I think and act. ” Maureen


“I really wanted to send a little note to say how wonderful your presentation was on Sunday.  So many pennies dropped for me and now I am getting the chance to practice some things. I am sure that it is no surprise for you to hear, that I heard what I needed to hear – just at the right time. As I have heard it said –  the teacher arrives when the student is ready.” Fiona


“I’m feeling much better thanks to the conversation with you and putting things into perspective. Thanks for your contact Lori. I really appreciate it and you have helped significantly already!! 
All the best, David”
“I found this meetup very empowering and positive. It helps to set the wheels in motion and get you on the right track.” Sarah
“Lori, you always do an excellent job in moderating the [meetup]discussions, and thank you for explaining so eloquently about the different learning styles and how they connect to the process of imagination.” Jimmy
“10 out of 10 for Lori yet again, you are an amazing woman, and I look forward to our meetings more than anything at the moment. You are an inspiration. Fanastatic.” Bev


“Lots of things fell into place that have been happening in my life! Very exciting stuff! As insightful as ever, now I just need to imagine and action!” Carol


“Hi Lori, Just wanted to send you a wee note to say thank you so very much for a wonderful session yesterday, I really enjoyed it so much and got a lot out of it. You have such a wonderful energy about you and you’re such an inspiration – thank you for all that you do.   I started reading your book last night – its
great, can’t wait to start to put some things into action starting today!!! Best wishes, Corinne Tench”

“…I am presently studying the Master Key System by Charles F. Hannel and using Speed Manifesting by Lori Mitchell, to fine tune my search. Well, the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The remarkable similarities between Hannel and Mitchell’s message were enough to set me on the right course. They put everything I was searching for in a simple and easy perspective…” Vinnie

“Dear Lori
I’m fluent in 4 languages but can’t find adequate words to thank you for your gift of yourself and your wisdom. It is the most valuable I’ve ever received. Thank you. Love, Hera”

“Hi Lovely Lady, Thanks, have manifested an MYOB Accounting course and Diploma in Community Welfare course from it and it’s a 2 year course I am fast tracking, so have been very busy (both for free). Thank you so much for starting this and i’m sure everyone agrees u are soooo inspiring.” Keep up ur wonderful inspirations. Love Birgit

“Lori thank you so much. There is definitely something BIG Awakening in me and since being involved in your wonderful group these last few weeks, my awakening is really really accelerating. Your speed manifesting book is an absolute treasure – I find as I am reading it and completing the exercises I am also manifesting a real life situation to apply what I have learnt also. My deepest gratitute for your wonderful work. Cheers Kath”

“Hi Lori,

Thought I’d send you an update about my SPEED Manifesting. I received a phone call asking if I was interested in upgrading my car to a Holden Barina! My first thought was.. interesting…my intention was to manifest a red Mazda 6 but a white Holden Barina shows up??? OK so I thought to flow with this & go & have a look at the car, make some inquires & negotiate on a price etc…

Everything just fell into place & I pick the car up tomorrow! I’ve been doing the grateful dance for this & knowing that this is an upgrade to what I have & a stepping stone to manifest my new red Madza 6! WHOO HOO! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!” Connie F.

“Dear Lori thank so so much again for your talk on the weekend! I wrote out an affirmation for a specific amount of $$ and by Friday (when I will be giving a massage) I will have the whole lot I asked for!!” Shanti

Thanks Lori  I look forward to the next meeting things are certainly happening quickly for me..I am so happy you came into my life.” SZ


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