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  1. Thank you so much Lori. I have become overwhelmed the last couple of days. My goal is to have enough money to own my own home and live with freedom and ease financially and to get planning permission on my dad’s piece of land to have a home for my family. Hit a brick at least it felt like it and has made start to feel defeated. Thinks have been going so good I asked the universe to help me with ideas and creativity to have 100k to have a job I love and can still be with my family whilst working. Then one morning , a month a go I woke up and knew how to write a childrens book had the story and title in my head. I had always wanted to write one and never could work out how to start. It took me two weeks to write it and illustrated. It’s only a short rhyming story 448 words. Then I sent it off to 4 publishers as I heard you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So I suppose I’ve been in a kind of limbo waiting anticipating to hear and for the outcome to have my ultimate goal. Until I just listened to your audio thank you iam truly grateful to you for your words and for sharing your journey. I hope you and your family are well

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