Are You Paying Attention to the Wealth in All Areas of Life?

Our lives can move smoothly through different obstacles with ease and flow, just like river water moves around and over rocks. We need to pay attention to FOUR areas of life and make sure that we have tuned all of them. When we are deficit in any of the four areas of a wealthy life then, like a spinning top, our lives feel out of balance and it shows up in constant unhappiness. Look at each of these areas and ask yourself out loud, “Is there anything I need to do, say or complete in this area?”

Others includes relationships, and each relationship reflects ourselves in our reaction to the actions of others. Respecting Free Will and practising tolerance teaches us the gift of choice and giving. To create abundant wealth in this area, practise appreciation.

Self includes physical health and touch, learning and growth, knowing our own values and principles, standing up for ourselves and our needs, being true to our self and our purpose, and experiencing joy and peace within. To increase this area we need to fully experience love.

Nature includes connecting to anything living on the planet; plants and what we eat, our pets and animals, the cosmos above and mother earth beneath our feet. It means being able to enjoy a sunrise or sunset, listen to the birdsong, be in tune with the cycles of nature and feel the energy of the planet. Balanced wealth with nature shows in a connection with the Divine Spirit within all living things.

Money is an exchange of energy and value and provides for us to further experience the physicality of life in this dimension. To have more than enough creates more for others in our sharing and spending. It is ok to be wealthy and you are free to challenge any beliefs you have that say something different. Money wealth is a reflection of your ability to give value and accept value from others.

In which areas are you weaker or stronger? Which could you add more attention at the moment? How will you apply the insights in this article for better relationships, better resourcing, better relaxation or better renewal of your spirit? Use all four areas to abundantly expand and your success will also be accompanied by satisfaction and fulfillment.

That way you lose what no longer serves you, while you build and practice in areas of your life that will multiply your life’s results.




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