Our Worldview Beliefs and Denial of Darkness

Warning, Tough Love post:

For those of you that have just begun to discover the hard truths about the real world issues… as you go through your stages of grieving for the world you once thought you had, just know that those of us who found out years (or decades) ago… somehow we are getting through it.

worldview beliefsSo hang in there. Be patient with those who have not yet woken – you were there once! Process your own anger, disbelief, denial, hatred, resistance. We did, so that we could function for our daily lives with families and friends, so that we could continue revealing more; choosing more.
We did, so that we could discern and separate the intentional lies and the innocent confusion to confirm truth. World geopolitics, bread and circuses, money slavery, earth and sky changes, resource greed, purposeful division and so much more. This has been going on for longer that you can imagine.

Now we are trying to find a way around our predictable, programmed reactions that are used to manipulate us. You must grieve, but then move into vigilance, communication, withdrawal of money and energy from those systems of commerce that are broken; set boundaries of behaviour around you; uncover ways to heal our broken humanity, one relationship at a time.

Find like-minded seekers, and play – it means so much to acknowledge with others on a similar path. Take a rest, laugh, dance, sing, run. Then dust yourself off, because we need your awareness active in spending, sharing and shifting the world.

The SpeedShifting technique can help with the reactions. Curious? It’s explained in my latest book.
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