Manifesting Cash

Manifesting money fast is the number one request I get. If you’ve read my book you’ll notice the balance in my manifesting process. Yes, manifesting money is part of the process, but if you have to ask, then maybe it’s a different question that you are asking, so I will answer both the direct question and then the unasked question.

1. To manifest money fast – Imagine it with emotion. Picture your wallet full of $20 or $50 notes and FEEL happy and content, or at least relieved. If you need it badly, then imagine it and celebrate that moment of receiving. Be thankful for it in advance. Do this any time you have an immediate need for small amounts of cashflow fast.

2. To manifest money fast any time on a regular basis, the real question behind the question is usually not the money. It is the freedom that you want, isn’t it? It is really financial freedom; manifesting money in order to be free to have fun, explore the planet and holiday, give gifts and of course to be free from fear of debt and obligation. So imagine the lifestyle; imagine doing the thing that you want the money for; imagine paying your bills happily, no matter what your current circumstances.

Remember that money is a tool to create. It is like the pipes in your house. Set it up to receive, but unhook from banging on the pipes. When you go about your day, you don’t think about the pipes as you shower, wash the dishes or quench your thirst. Appreciate the source of the supply, not the plumbing!

So, to get past a temporary manifesting crisis, use your imagination to call it forward and watch for it. Appreciate it in small amounts as it shows up. Eventually to be a master manifester, make it about the outcome, not the way to get there.

Abundance to you!


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