My Loss was His Gain

I got a message from a coaching client: he couldn’t make his scheduled appointment with me. He apologized profusely and explained that he had several customer bookings and needed our time slot to fit them in.

Was I disappointed? Was I upset or annoyed?

No way! Our coaching together was about his fledgling start-up business. But we weren’t just working on increasing his income; it was about paying his rent and feeding his family!

We had been going over good foundations for a small business, including the Purpose of Business and the four categories of marketing  activities. He has a great attitude and already knew many of the principles, but now with the mindset, strategies and foundation I teach for money manifesting.

However, I think the big breakthrough came from using the new SpeedShifting(tm) technique in several areas. Wow. So happy for him and feeling grateful that this technique has come together. I have been asking Life – God – the Universe – for a technique that would apply to anyone and would remove limiting beliefs, blocks and barriers quickly. I know that it has come as a gift, directly from my asking and willingness to search, try and refine that intention. My previous coaching clients have been using a variety of methods, but now I use this one. It works. Amazingly. And Fast. Every person I work with is saying exactly that.

If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, you can either join the next 28 day Challenge with a Ruby90 day Transformation membership, or contact me for a 30 minute SpeedShifting(tm) session. That would  be like a personal laser focus on knocking over your limiting beliefs. You’ll be experiencing this one on one as I guide you through the 3 parts of it to finally release the limit. It’s like a guided visualization through your belief.

You may be one of the people saying “oh yeah, I did that in the early days; I was one of the first!”

I hope so. It’d be cool to create some breakthroughs and release your blocks to manifesting what you want.



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