Living a Beach Lifestyle

beachFeet-LoriMitchell1Sometimes I catch a moment where I notice my bliss and happiness in the midst of everyday life. I look at the ‘wallpaper’ of my life and say wow, thank you for this wonderful life of adventure and contribution.

I love my work. I am sooo inspired by my clients, who are incredibly hard-working, introspective and committed to living a Great Life.CruiseTalks-LoriMitchell

And when I get to interact with people at a seminar presenting my favourite topic – transformation – and I notice that I am on a cruise ship, with amazing food, beautiful ports and beaches, interesting occurrences and breathtaking adventures, I get to stop and say wow, this is amazing, thank you thank you thank you.


My latest cruise with P&O was a sudden opportunity. With only 2 weeks notice, I was whisked away on another working holiday around the South Pacific – undoubtedly some of the best beaches on the planet (and I have seen quite a few around the world).

BeachLifeSouthPacificMare-LoriMitchellThis was the backdrop of my ever changing office wallpaper, as I called it. I asked for this, but it was a gift from Life through the generousity of people who wanted to hear the message of Success and Fulfillment. Each of the people in my life who create this for me and show up to receive from my messages have continually been giving to me and allowing me to live my dreams.

SnorkellingSouthPacific-LoriMitchell4I want to say two things: 1. thank you to you, the person who is reading this and following my work and 2. when are you going to live your dreams, where you want on the planet, with adventures and expansion? This is what I want for you.

CruiseFunNutbush-LoriMitchellFree your thinking to imagine that it is possible. Ask, then align to allow it and finally accept it when it arrives by the grace of people, just like you!

Abundant blessings,




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