Launch imminent for new technique: SpeedShifting(TM)

feeling-stuckHave you been stuck with some limiting beliefs that you just cannot seem to understand?

My original Speed Manifesting(TM) is the simple method to use the creative principles in everyday modern life to begin to live your dreams. It’s my experience and results plus the shared success of others using it that proves it as such a powerful set of principles.

And then came beliefs
It was while I was coaching others and digging for “the one limiting belief” that kept them in lack or stuck, that I realized we all needed something more to take care of any stuck belief without knowing exactly what it was. Things came together with the people, the knowledge and more training experiences, and finally I began having my own breakthroughs as my clients and I used this simple 5 minute technique. It’s blowing me away how speedily it removes layers of limiting beliefs.

knocking-down-beliefsAfter 6 months and over 100 people using it, it’s ready. It was ready 6 months ago; nothing has changed about the technique.
As a matter of fact, I have learned how to explain it so many times that I realize this amazing tool has to be shared to a much bigger audience. Once people have their own experience with its success, I will offer to certify practitioners later in the year.

It is breaking down barriers and instantly dropping beliefs that have been with people for a very long time. It will be officially launched at the first 28 day SpeedShifting(TM) Challenge, and you are invited.

Starting Sunday 1st June, you will get to join a group of weekly callers to experience first-hand the power of this new technique.
First step is to join the free Diamond membership to get access to the learning resources that are the groundwork for SpeedManifesting(TM).

Then you have a choice to add-on the Ruby90 Day membership. Prices are on the website once you are sure you want to be a free Diamond member. It is really minimal cost and is only for 3 months.

Once you become a Ruby90 you’ll get your information about your group’s teleclass dial-In or online access details to get started. Audio Replays will be available so you can experience this in whatever timezone you live. But this will be a LIVE teleclass guiding you through the technique so you can get started releasing those limits and get back on the speedway!

Please hurry to get on board and get started as you focus on knocking over layer after layer of the blocks and barriers holding you back from the life you know you want!

Abundant blessings,


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