Key to SPEED

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Welcome from Lori

Step 1. Know What You Want

Step 2. Imagine With Emotion

Step 3. Feel Gratitude

Step 4. Think Deliberately

Step 5. Beware the Power and Poison of Words

Step 6. Take Action

Step 7. Start Circulation



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20 Replies to “Key to SPEED”

  1. Hello Lori. This part is a bit of a challenge. So what we should be doing is
    1) Looking at our surroundings
    2) Imagine a better version of it in the future
    3) perhaps say some uplifting words like “ah how wonderful would it be if when I look at my bank statement I would see a large amount of money in my account, perhaps a couple millions in there :D”
    4) Imagine this future moment becoming linked to here and now(?)

    Not quite sure about that last step! Could you clarify a bit further please?
    I’m so grateful for your interest and responses, I plan on researching that method you mentioned (I love you.. I forgive you etc.).
    A warm hug and blessings for the new year, Lori :).

    1. Hi Cristian, thanks for asking for clarity. I would flip it around when you get to the Key: imagine yourself in a general sense in the future, at the end of a well-lived life!
      THEN as you are standing/sitting there, ponder the MEMORY of the time you accomplished your goal with satisfaction. Feel the joy and gratitude of completion. Be the person who already has seen that lifestyle/dream/goal occur. I will rephrase your wonderful affirmation more powerfully for you: “ah how wonderful it is when I look at my bank statement and see a large amount of money in my account, even a couple million in there :D”

  2. Lori, what you said, about the future, yes, not sure, if that is what happened to me. I wrote it down, and many think it was a glance into my vortex. I got a gift card for Christmas 2 yrs ago, and was on my way to spend it, my hubby was driving and I was in the passenger seat, when this whole scene went before me. I was standing in this conference room, talking, I know what I was saying, who was there, and the place, I was at, I knew all of this. Everything in this seemed so very real to me. No this has not happened yet to me. To this day, I often think about it, and wonder about it, and yes, replay the whole scene again. I think, if anything, it has given me ‘hope’. This I want so badly, my only problem I feel, is the action part, for me to motivate myself, I somewhat feel, ‘lost’…but, once, I do take some sort of action, I do it deeply.

    1. Hi Beth, how exciting that you have connected to your future! It is an awesome experience. I can hear how the future reality has connected and touched you through feelings. To help, I would suggest that you look at the feelings coming up when you think about this scene WHILE you are experiencing your reaction of NOT having it yet. It may be time to do some releasing on the vibrations that withhold the vision to come quickly. It is great the vision has given you hope and certainty. But now, what might be some stuck vibrations that keep you in a loop beyond the realization of this vision? It sounds all set up to move you into action towards the vision. When you release the feelings of NOT having it yet, you will begin to get inspired actions, clarity and power to move toward receiving it. Can I suggest a couple of vibrations to get you started? It may or may not be the ones that are true for you, but try them on to find the ones to release. Then do EFT tapping or some other release (I have a new 3 step technique that I can share if you email me back). Here are some feelings to check for release: frustration, sadness, disappointment, anger/tantrum, submission, suppression. Find the feeling then release on it, layer by layer. The vacuum created will feel lighter. Blessings, Lori

  3. lori yr u r great above god yet i have never met u i have not purchase ur book but in my life i have never seen a website without a single dislike comment iam surprised how a single person can make everyone happy u r god yr i am from india i wish if i could met u but at present icannot afford from my pocket money which is 60-dollar my contact 919034225261 a salute u once again

  4. Hi Lori, thank you very much for your videos.. I have followed Abraham for a number of years which I am grateful for. I am able to understand the meaning of speed manifesting more clearly because you just have that certain way of explaining everything. I asked to manifest an electric blue butterfly, I did not write it down though. When I was in my garden I saw a white butterfly and said quietly, perhaps I should have asked for a dragon fly. That day I was at a friends house in her bedroom looking at clothes and she lives close to the bush. Her door was open and in flew a dragon fly. I moved close to it and it flew away, it came back, I put out my hand and it landed on it, I took it outside and showed my friends…how exciting..I am still reading your book, and watch what I am always thinking. Will email you further into the book with more good news. I thank you so much for opening my heart and eyes….Abundance, love and light to you..Carol

    1. Thanks Carol, I am so excited for your dragonfly manifestation! That is wonderfully amazing. And to have it LAND on your hand – wowza – you powerful creator. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and kind words. You are appreciated. ~Lori

  5. WOW – what a journey! Thank you Lori, you have given me so much to think about, there has been a “shift” Thank you 🙂


    Through your daily exercises/videos, I was able to manifest a desire I had and that renewed my faith in the law of attraction. Now I am keen on manifesting more and more. Thank you so much Lori.

    1. Hi Katryna, thanks so much. Glad you have connected back with your wonderful power of manifesting. It really is that easy. We only make it hard when we get our beliefs in the way of Asking or Receiving. Faith is so powerful when it comes from your own experience. Abundance, Lori

  7. Lori ~ Your 7 Step Series has been an absolute Gift & has given me renewed faith renewed focus and renewed committment to get back up & take action again. You simply cannot imagine how grateful I am to have experienced this right now. I’ve been on my spiritual path consciously for a while now & your teaching is so clear so beautiful so passionate & so uplifting.

    People no matter what they are going through, or travelling with in life can gain enormously from this program. It is beautifully put together & has such a Heart Focus not a ‘Show Me Your Money Focus’.

    I myself have had this vision to work from home & use the gifts I’ve been given, the skills & 12 years experience I have to be of service to others with my life coaching & counselling. So as you say Lori, I knew what i wanted & I asked for it to flow. I set forth my desire & have been taking action little by little towards this with commitment.

    At the very same time life happens in all its fascinating complexity & opposites…such as unexpected surgery, increasing money pressures/financial pressure mounting, trying to keep my head above water, and my eyes on an Abundant future & keep Faith!
    Feeling all the while like one of those bouys you see floating in the ocean. Just call me ‘Bob’…bobbing up & down up & down like a jack in the box.

    Passionate Enthusiastic and Focused on the Abundance forthcoming YES! Followed by financial pressures, bank/loan demands, more going out than coming in, fighting to stay on top for my 2 kids & myself.

    The whole process flows beautifully when you exhale & relax
    (despite no left over $$$ each week) all I had to do was get a webpage, new biz cards, market myself, turn the front entrance into a warm & welcoming coaching office. I have totally completed the coaching room
    project all on my own with pre-loved everything & no-one would ever guess ~ yay its ready!!!

    So here I am ~ Could be 5 Minutes from the Miracle?? I can see the bright appealing A Frame advertising me & pointing to where my coaching/counselling business is. I can see the webpage attracting all the right clients who need me & drawing them to my practice. I can picture people taking my cards & giving them out as referrals to potential clients.

    It’s almost the 11th hour here, I have the banks final demands in the mail last night, I havent opened them yet, want to stay focused on creating what I believe is my lifes purpose! The pressure is mounting & I’m going to keep believing in the bigger picture (than debts & bills)
    keep my faith or what…give up?

    Whats it to be…Need Relief here, need more $$$$ than I ever realised for the above marketing costs. It would be selfish of me to toss it all in, when I am so close…so close and have so much to offer people, so I will go for a long walk, then watch Lori’s Mind Movie again (which is a slice of heaven thank you!!) And I will trust in my last minute miracles 🙂

    Blessings to you Lori for your wonderful teaching & mentoring & brilliant Speed Manifesting Program. I have heartfelt Gratitude to the Universe for bringing you into my life….especially right now at this moment in time. Warmest Regards Diana

    1. Hi Diana, thank you for such a lovely warm expression of appreciation. I am honoured. I have some guidance for you out of your comments and want to share it with you because then we are sharing this with everyone who reads it and finds themselves in fear, lack or scarcity. First, let’s rename you from ‘Bob’ to ‘Willy’. LOL. When you feel you are in the middle of the ocean drowning, it is quicker to get relief/results by changing your perspective rather than your circumstances. Understand? You can change who you are, but you co-created/attracted your current circumstances previously, so you have to deal with What Is. But change Who You Are in relation to What Is. Are you calmness in the middle of a tempest? Are you joy and laughter and presence with your children in the middle of business demands, commercial demands and financial obligations. The obligations will still be there the moment you come back from having fun and laughing. But feeling good (sometimes) despite the circumstances can begin to shift them, because you are not resisting them anymore. Then you get clarity about what to DO next, and you will begin to turn to opportunities that don’t cost anything. You do not have to pay anything/much for websites and marketing. I was once told “Build your business from your revenue, not your capital.” That was the best business advice I ever received and it began to change my power of making good financial business decisions. There is always another way. Stay open. Watch. Do what needs to be done. Acknowledge your present reality; make new agreements with those awaiting payment. Deal with it. And make the decision to be successful and free. Say it again and again until you believe it. Release the beliefs and resistance to being successful; to have plenty to spare and plenty to share! This is an exciting time for you because you are making new choices, and that always means new possibilities for a new future. I look forward to hearing how you are going. Keep me posted. Abundance to you, Lori

  8. I think this really is a key point to manifesting, being able to visualise yourself in the future that you want to be in.

    1. Yes Myles, AND remember to connect that future back to the present, so you can practice the expanded version of universal time “NOW”. Universal time is inclusive of all the false perceptions we have carved our true selves into (that we call past, present and future). Bring the parts of yourself BACK together into the wholeness of NOW and live in a knowingness about yourself. That you are already receiving because you have the desire, because you have asked, because you are continually receiving the next step and the next step to an expanded version of Who You Are. Blessings, Lori

  9. I watched the bonus video twice, and I have a question. How is alignment different from visualization? It seems to me that alignment is very close to step #2, imagine with emotion. What am I missing?


    1. [Note to readers: watch the video before reading my reply]
      Hi Jim, great question. I cover it more in the book, but let’s start with the concept of NOW as a Universal NOW. Alignment to NOW is an extension of imagination. We underestimate the power of our imagination as a creative source that exists outside of our ‘time’ concept. If you could ‘see’ time from a great height, looking down at the movie of your entire life, past, present and all the possible futures you are creating now, then you would have a new way of relating to all that was, is, and will be. With that understanding you may begin to see that the man-made concept of linear time serves us as a tool but is not real. We have the power to further use that imagination by experiencing our desires beyond our idle imagination. By energetically connecting to it as a non-physical reality it has a life source of its own and begins to create for us quickly in a more powerful way. When I connect my ‘future’ to my physical reality in this moment, my next steps begin to come quickly and without feelings of procrastination. Instead I get into action purposefully and feel guided too each step of the way. Whew! sorry for the long reply. But this NOW concept is one that makes THE difference to faith. BE all of your life now and it all becomes flowing. Abundance to you, Lori

  10. Thank you for the “Key to Speed” video Lori. I enjoyed it very much. The simplistic way that you reveal so much is what attracts me to your teachings. I look forward to being with you and the others this month. Kind Regards

  11. Can I just say thank you for this video today.
    It really brightened me up and made me feel connected and I think you are gorgeous and I am grateful that you sent this to me.

    1. Thanks Christine. I am glad something resonated for you today! What a lovely grateful self expression you have given today. You have made me feel connected to you too. See you at the end of the month in Brisbane again. ~Lori

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