I could do this for the rest of my life!

I could do this for the rest of my life! I love my work. This is my passion and purpose: to share the simplicity of creating your Dream Life. Even in Thailand, I am happy to be sitting at an Internet cafe with fast access, because I can continue my online courses and connect with so many people. I have been uploading Gayel’s videos and photos, and teaching her how to do her own blogs and photo uploads, and she is a fast learner. I just iron out the hairpin turns in the world of technology so that it all gets done.

The way she shares her journey is almost poetry; very different from my ‘travel journal’ perspective. Both of us are here expressing different things from the same experiences. I am ever-watching as the next step appears to us. Gayel was pouring through brochures, timetables and internet web sites. For me, that all got too hard, because it went beyond doing it to (Step 1) Know What You Want. It began to move into ‘how do we do it’ and unless that is the NEXT step, to me it is like trying on 50 outfits in the store if you don’t know whether you are going to a ball or the beach. Once we sat back a bit we got clarity on two things; Gayel wants to see a sunrise – we are on the western side of the island of Koh Chang and have beautiful, striking sunsets, but now we are ready for both. So after 3 nights at the Grand View Resort with its lovely garden and great highspeed (heehee) wireless access we move south to Bang Bao fishing village.


The only other NEXT to consider for us is Cambodia. As I let go of ‘how’ I am using (Step 2) Imagine With Emotion to get us there with flow. Although we have talked about buses and tours and have not settled on transport, my desire strengthens to be standing facing the ruins of Angkor Wat temple with its carved face of Buddha and 108 spires in the overgrown walls. We are so close (hours away) that it is something I am emotionally focused on. I have spent blissful moments transported forward in time to be there, in awe and reverence of the energy there.
The power of imagination cannot be underestimated. Using this mental tool in the correct way (with emotion) is like talking directly to Source, with almost instant results for the next step on the path to living the dream, whatever that is in any moment.


Abundant dreams,
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