How I manifested SNOW in Paradise

I was walking to our weekly farmer’s market and I saw a butterfly on a sign. I smiled because I love manifesting butterflies. It is a favourite game of mine. Then I thought, “ok Lori, you live in subtropical Queensland, Australia and manifesting butterflies could be considered a soft option.”

So I thought – “snow, I will manifest snow!” And then I took it straight back, because I don’t like living in snow. I have lived it, breathed it, and got over it from 26 years in Detroit and Toronto. So I changed my SPEED Manifestation request to ‘the word SNOW’.

Then I started looking for it. I looked at each sign, each advertisement, each license plate. I walked 40 paces and turned a corner into the market. I looked at any word that I saw; ten more paces, turned right into the food stalls, and THERE IT WAS, This is how fast you can manifest. Yes it is this quick:

Upside-down-SNOWSo this is how my SNOW came in beautiful, sunny Queensland, Australia. Can you see it? The only letters that are not reversible upside-down are EL, and the rest spells SNO_W!

I laughed delightedly and my friend the Universe laughed with me as we played this game together.


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