Every day is a Saturday

Today is a very special day. It is my husband Gary’s 50th birthday. And do you know what we just did? We are only half way through the day but it’s been full. We just arrived back from having coffees and cakes at the beachfront bistro at the Surf Lifesaving Club near Surfer’s Paradise Australia. We went for a swim in the ocean and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky and the multiple hues of blue in the ocean. I appreciate our lifestyle so much because we can have this flexible time to play and be with each other.

The kids and I woke him early with his presents, giving him a new carry case for his mobile phone, and some new micro headphones. Then we gave him another present, small and lightweight. It was a cover for an iPod Classic. But he doesn’t have one. My teen son has one. This confused him. Then we pulled out another present and the boys handed him a small but weighty present. Yes it is the iPod. See, Gary doesn’t spend much money on himself, and usually he’ll go for second hand stuff or something discarded that he has fixed. And he does so much for us as a family, but he hasn’t been able to receive easily. It was a delight to watch his face as he realised he has this wonderful new toy.

He is at our resort complex pool now, having a swim and listening to whatever he wants; probably watching 5th Element, his favourite movie that my son loaded on for him last night. I can see his face and feel his happiness at this gift. He deserves it and it is an expression of appreciation for everything. The loyalty, the love, the diligence, all without asking much from us, supporting me in whatever I am doing.

Here it is 20 years since I met this wonderful man and supportive husband and fun father, and my love for him is still growing. It wasn’t always easy, but for us it gets easier each passing milestone.

During the darkest time in our family life and relationship I gave him a plastic key fob that said: “Grow old with me. The best is yet to come.” You know, years later in his workshop I found a little piece of paper broken out of the fob with that writing on it; all that was left from a worn out plastic keychain. He had kept that paper and the words on it had somehow kept him going. I didn’t know he was so sentimental.

What a wonderful life we have. Like a Saturday, with no schedule except what we make; time to prioritise what is really important in life, and the money to be able to enjoy the things in life that money cannot buy.

Abundance to you,


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