At the Speed of Beliefs pdf

Those who are finally awakening to the enormity of the world’s problems are becoming overwhelmed with doom and gloom. They are uncertain what to do or where to start. They are feeling angry, frustrated and fearful. People are:

continually worried about their future
finding it hard to get ahead
struggling in their relationships and finances
lacking peacefulness

Don’t stick your head in the sands of Positive Thinking! Denying reality allows the world to continue to form your life and manipulate your future. There are answers, and they come from your beliefs. Applying the solutions will only make a difference when you know why and how beliefs created the current world structures. We live in a maze of our repetitive thoughts and we are trapped in dead end loops created by unquestioned beliefs. Whether they are group beliefs or individual choices made long ago, they keep playing in the background of our habits and reactions. To break free from our mental limits, we must get out of the maze. But first we have to learn the beliefs that continue to cause our lack of growth and expansion. Unthinkable, bright new possibilities and powerful new futures can be born and then your life can unfold at the speed of your beliefs. Read More …

Speed Manifesting pdf

FROM LOGIC TO MAGIC: [Full Workbook & color exercises included] What if you could finally understand how to manifest faster? After losing her success in career, money and relationships, Lori Mitchell found the way to turn her life around when she manifested $1100 in ONE hour. You can discover your missing steps with real life stories and analogies you’ll see the process of creating simply. Then you’ll find out what stops you, so you can maneuver around self sabotage. This is the manifesting book that teaches abundance fast. Inside you will:
– Find out what daily exercise will make the difference between manifesting and SPEED Manifesting™.

– Get an insight on human design so that you can work with a blueprint and clear up uncertainty.

– Learn a simple but powerful way of supercharging your imagination if you are extremely busy and find yourself waiting in lines. Start to turn waiting time into powerful manifesting moments.

– Hear about 18 things that stop us from SPEED Manifesting™ and understand how to deal with each one.

– Find out what to do when you begin to manifest too quickly while you still have old negative thinking.

– No matter what, there is one thing that you cannot change. Find out about this so you can keep moving toward your goals even though nothing seems to be happening.

– Learn the killer emotion that keeps you poor, sick and broke. Then find out what to do about it.

– Find out why your affirmations are not working and learn how to shift them to achieve your dreams.

– Discover the one behavior that most people don’t take that will completely change your relationships and bring you a new level of love with your family, your friends and everyone you meet.

– Learn how to teach children that anything is possible while avoiding instant gratification.

– Find the critical difference between your beliefs and the Universal Laws so you know when to change and when to go with the flow of life.

– Learn the four areas of balanced wealth so you can immediately start to work in your weak areas and create a profound, life changing difference quickly.

– Understand the one and only ingredient to creating success in life that, if left out will cost you huge effort and create stop-start success, no matter how much you try without it.

– Learn how to tell the one obvious but not commonly known result of being unbalanced in wealth.

– Learn the one action you must take to activate your desires that will make all the difference.

– Find once and for all, where it all starts and what single point to start almost all your efforts to create your life.

– Explore another approach for the business world that is not competitive and still has winning as the goal in any business situation.

– See how two words we use on a daily basis are used against us and learn how to use them powerfully.

– Escape from self-victimization by following one instruction. This is so powerful it could instantly transform your life.

Author Lori Mitchell says:
“Even if you have tried it all, bought it all, done it all, there is a new way emerging to simply understand The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I discovered it by accident, when I was stumbling around in life, after slowly watching my successful career begin a two-year downhill slide which brought down my health, finances and relationships.”

“Yet, my life began to turn around in ONE HOUR when I found my missing part of the formula. The SPEED Manifesting™ Method was created after I quickly and consistently began to live my dreams. I wondered how I could teach this amazing simplicity to others, so I studied and researched the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws and compared them to my experience. Then when I shared it and it was duplicated by a growing number of people around me, I realized that not only had I cracked the code, but others could use it successfully too.” Read More …