Chanthaburi Region, Faasai Resort


Gayel and I had breakfast, repacked and took a taxi to the bus station. Our bus to the remote region of Chanthaburi in the eastern bay area was perfectly timed for us, leaving in 15 minutes after we arrived. The two hour bus ride was easy, air conditioned with refreshments and almost no stops. We got off at our stop and tried a phone booth to call our resort. Having difficulty we asked some locals and found a girl who spoke English fairly well. She helped us call the resort, using her sister’s mobile phone and would not take any money to pay for the lengthy call as we tried to interpret and get instructions for pickup. The Faasai resort owners Surin and Bronwen drove almost 30 minutes to collect us and bring us to their resort.
At last we arrived at our home for the next 5 days. Wild and yet civilized, this garden resort is in rural Thailand. Peaceful and relaxed we started to settle in. Bronwen is a New Zealander married to a Thai man, Surin and has lived here ever since, creating their dream of an eco-resort from ground-breaking to what it is now, a beautiful relaxed resort surrounded by the wild.




We celebrated Songkran along with the staff and family that night. They performed Thai dancing for us, and we did our best to represent New Zealand, singing Po Kare, E Papa and the national Anthem as Bronwen and her sister Marina tossed sticks and swung pois. We all ended up pretending to be Thai dancing for several hours.
My last moment of dancing ended when I somehow reached backwards and brought my glass crashing to the floor, which cleared the bare foot dancers from the floor and stopped the music for a few minutes as we all picked up the shattered glass from the floor. I was contemplating this strange occurance as it felt like an omen of something. I am not superstitous so I wondered what it meant and tried to let it go as the ramblings of my mind. The next day it made sense, as I got some bad news.
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