Arrived in Koh Chang with ease and grace


What an amazing flowing day yesterday. 6 hours travel from truck to bus to ferry to van, but each step was revealed to us only as we got to the next step. People, circumstances and timing all conspired to help and assist us on our intention to get to Koh Chang.
We left the relative luxury of Faasai, with unlimited wifi access and dragged our gear onward. I like packing lightly but this trip has all the technology requirements, so I have heavier bags than usual. We met a couple on the way and Gayel asked where they were staying. We followed them in their pre-arranged van pick up to a hotel at Kai Bae, arriving at sunset. Our hotel is lovely and luxurious, still with an island feel about it. I am at the Internet cafe (it costs 1Thai Baht per minute: about 3 AUS dollars an hour).
We are going to find Gayel’s friend and hairdresser, Vicky, who is staying at White Sand Beach for another day. Vicky is the one who told Gayel about all the places in Thailand in perfect timing only a few weeks before we left. We are also going to explore the area and see where we stay next. It looks a lot like Phuket here, which means Thai standard of tourist area. Gayel and I are deciding what we’d like to experience here; elephant walks or boat cruises. We are considering taking a tour of Cambodia to Angkor Wat after we leave here…we will see.

The food in Thailand is incredible. Hot and spiced, but wonderful, and lots of fresh seafood because we are on the Bay of Thailand.

Tonight we have a “Cabaret Show” at our waterfront hotel restaurant. Of course this is a show of “Ladymen” – queens – so who knows what to expect. I think I will do something frivolous today and splurge on getting my toenails painted. Hah!

Abundant dreams,



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  1. Eat as much seafood as u can while u are there. U’ll come back and realize how ridiculous seafood prices are here…….eventhough we’re so close to the ocean! have fun!!

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