Recently Judie was expressing her exasperation and frustration at waiting for her intentions to manifest. She had joined our group at the coffee shop to understand more about how to manifest. She was doing so many things actively, like her vision board and reading inspirational books on how to manifest. She still felt she wasn’t getting it right.

Are you trying so hard, working at creating that dream life, with the car, the house, the boat, the man or woman? Does it seem like a distant dream? Are the people around you pointing out that “you said you are a master manifestor, so where’s the stuff?”

You are not alone. But the answer is straightforward. Creating a new future includes only two areas to work on: Asking, and Receiving. The details of each we can talk about later, but in all its simplicity, these are your only areas of work. Oh, and I didn’t say ‘hard work.’
Imagining what you want will make it easy and fun work. It will also give you clarity about your next steps. Taking action is part of the Receiving, and learning how to take action includes a few simple processes. Really, it is easy, and you were born knowing this. It is your mind that carries the blocks and barriers to manifesting very quickly, and your mind holds these barriers in the form of beliefs.
So with Judie, we could hear her limiting beliefs when she told us “it’s hard”(even though she told us several things she manifested easily); “I can’t find people who think the way I do” (she was sitting with a group of people who think like she does); “It’s easier for people who…” (you can fill in any blank here);”I will never get this!”(a self-fulfilling prophesy).

I began to help her be accountable to her words and speaking, and each time I heard her beliefs declaring something like it was truth, I gently told her: “IF YOU SAY SO…”. By the end of the evening she realised how much she was responsible for slowing down some of her manifesting with so many beliefs.

You can use your mind in all its strengths, but don’t let it lead the way. Know the simple steps in creating, and then learn about how to remove any blocks and barriers you have been carrying through your beliefs about yourself, about others, about money, about Life! Then Life opens up to provide all that you require and desire.

Lori Mitchell

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