8 Symptoms that you have Mastered Your Life

Sunset AustraliaWhen you really begin to master your life, you will notice some unique symptoms. They sneak up on you really. You don’t just ‘arrive’ at Mastery. It is a gradual and sometimes jagged path. But if you are finally holding onto the progress of your own life path, here are some feedback clues:

1. You have moved from doing to being.
2. Money flows easily when you require it.
3. You wake up and smile with love and appreciation for another day.
4. You speak only good or you don’t speak at all.
5. You are an observer of your own personality and life.
6. You have a heart connection to the Source of your aliveness, breath and life..
7. You have a daily focus time on imagination more than reality.
8. You see other people as possibilities and encourage them.

Even if you notice some of these, and not always consistently, you can acknowledge yourself and your awareness.

Be thankful for noticing the joy when it is there. You are doing great, wherever you are on your JOYurney.

Abundant blessings,


Lori Mitchell, SPEED Manifesting(TM)


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