End of Year Creates the Vacuum for New

Wowza, what a year! Has it been challenging, surprising, confronting and expanding for you too?

The world looks wildly different than it did a year ago! There’s been a rising mainstream awareness about debt money systems, control and corruption, political manipulation and big, old worldview beliefs that are holding us back.

It’s brought up a lot that we are ready to let go of, both personally and in the social systems.

Yes, you have front row seats on history-in-the-making, and right now it’s about trusting and breathing. Then, we continue to let go and keep moving our feet when called to take action.

I have been using SpeedShifting all year to get through the personal challenges. It’s getting around the time to create whats next, but first, I am enjoying the space that has been created. It’s like being in no-man’s land when we release old structures of beliefs and have not filled the space with anything else. It’s perfectly okay to be inbetween. Or, if you feel you’re ready, you could add a feeling you’d like to experience next, and ride the clean wave for a bit: joy, ease, fun, laughter, peace, whatever flavour of life you choose.

But, keep imagining what’s next, and being in appreciation of whatever you have now. It’s a path to expansion, and it’s Step 2 & 3 of the Speed Manifesting Method.

For me, I am continuing to use The Method again, as I do when I am ready for a new direction or new beliefs. Plus, as I said, letting go of old beliefs with SpeedShifting too. I will make that technique more available to you in the new year too. Watch this space or contact me if you are ready to try it personally. It has been wonderfully effective for me and when I have facilitated sessions for clients.

Being in a ‘waiting space’ is certainly where the year has left me. How about you?


P.S. Happy New Year!!


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